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    Legal use of dual passports when traveling in various countries

    I'm a naturalized citizen of the US and was born in EU country A. I want to visit an EU country B to interview for potential employment (but not to start work). What passports (US passport or country A) should I show when: 1) at the ticket counter (leaving the US) I'm asked for a passport 2)...
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    N-400 recommended for approval, then what?

    The agent who interviewed me mentioned that there are important benefits to becoming a citizen (as opposed to a permanent resident) with social security and other US agencies. She recommended that I contact these agencies such as social security before applying for a passport. I'm confused as...
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    Visiting Ukraine after Green Card and before Naturalization

    Hi, I need to visit a friend in Kiev this weekend and before fighting moves there. I'm wondering if this would impact re-entry in the US with a Green Card and further Naturalization. I don't see any reason it would, I'm not visiting a country that threatens the US. Many Thanks!
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    Two years after NIW/ self sponsorship was accepted. Can I change field of work?

    Hello and thank for taking the time to read my post. Two years we successfully (my lawyer and I) argued that working on my scientific field of cancer research (lab research 100%) was to the national interest of the US. My LPR status was granted based on an NIW self petition. Now I want to...
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    My NIW case: Guess my chances?

    PhD from the University of Sussex, Brighton, England (2001) SIX and a half years of postdoc on breast cancer at JHU TWO years of non tenure track, faculty at JHU PUBLICATIONS in peer reviewed journals with impact factors from 6 to 3: 5 lead, 2 second-author and 1 in preparation...