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    demand data and infering EB2Ind pd

    to those who have seen the demand data used in determining the august 2011 cut off dates, (google demand data 485 august 2011) demand prior to jan 2007 is 0 for EB2I. does this mean that the cases priorto jan 07 for I are pre-adjudicated and approved as of july 10 2011?
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    potential causes for delayed approval

    what are the potential issues which would delay approval of 485? Also, what are the criteria for transfer of 485 application from regional service center to field office?
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    CP for dependents

    I have I140 approved and EB2IN. PD becomes current as of Jul 11. I140 was processed as AOS. Can I do AOS for me and CP for dependents? Dependents need to visit India Aug-December (medical reasons). This may give us barely enough time for doing their FP here; but not enough time to get AP.
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    I485 file or defer?

    Debating whether to file 485 or postpone it. PD becomes current come Jul 1, 11. I140 is already approved. Would be an exciting piece of news, right. A few issues. 1) need to travel overseas late august. AP can't be obtained in time for that. 2) may miss FP appointment due to the overseas...
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    485 EB2 IN time

    My PD becomes current come July 1st 2011. This gives me the first opportunity to file 485. Haven't yet done medicals or FP. how much processing time until July 1 till we get the approval notice? What is the likelihood that the dates will retrogress again to May 2006?
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    H1b\I140 approved\ transfer

    H1b holder has already passed 6 years and is renewing h1b because I140 has been approved. The current renewal was granted with the employer A and is due to expire in 1.5 more years. If the person changes job to employer B, the green card process has to be restarted, but the priority date is...
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    H1B stamping in Milan

    Any Indian national (or non-EU citizens) have applied for h1b stamp at Milan, Italy? Please post your experience if you can.
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    high skilled work visa to UK

    All There is plenty of information regarding life in canada after PR; not too much is available about job conditions, etc in UK after HSMP (now known as highly skilled work visa to UK). Any suggestions or links to where information can be found in this regard?
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    Eb2 dates

    Curiously EB2 IN\CHI is close to current again. The last time this was in FY05. Retrogression kicked in FY06 (October 05 is the first VB in the recent history when the dates jumped to late 90's). Here is how the dates moved since (focusing on IN alone) Oct'05: 99 Feb'06:01 July'06:03...
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    Sep 08 VB

    well it is here according to Oh's website. but can't find on DOS. and the wait continues for EB2 IN.
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    h1b quota FY09

    does anyone have any idea if it is possible to obtain a list of h1b approved for FY09? Is this public information? Where to obtain it and further does it show the name of the employee in it? Thank you for any help.
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    I140 PPS Reinstated

    oh's website suggests that this has been reinstated. If anyone has any further details, please post it here. Thank you for any inputs in advance.
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    Global Competitivess Act of 2008

    Oh's site has this item. Seems like some help. 04/14/2008: Sen. Cornyn (TX) Introduced Global Competitivess Act of 2008 in the Senate on 04/10/2008 * Last Thursday, Senator Cornyn from Texas introduced this bill , S. 2839, which has been referred for action to the Senate Judiciary...
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    I140 question

    recently posted timeframe for NSC is april,07 for I140. They still have to hit the july'07 date when there was flood of I140\485 filers. If someone needs to file H1b 3-year extension (missed the boat for I485 filing in July07), what is their recourse? Do they have to file 1-year increment of...
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    singapore threads

    just read an article on fragomen that singapore has made some changes to their PEP visas. can somebody point me to forums related singapore immigration? I do not see any on this website.
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    EB2 IN Onslaught

    From Oh' site, it seems that EB2 IN who missed the boat to file I485 in July-Aug'07, are in for a long wait before the gates are opened again.
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    BEC report

    Following is from Oh's website. Any information on how many of the 351k completed will actually be certified and enter I485 queue? Break-up by nationality of the applicants? 09/10/2007: BEC Processing Status and Future After 09/30/2007 * AILA has released the September 6, 2007 DOL...
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    EB2 PERM stuck in chicago

    EB2 perm labor stuck in chicago since november'06. What can be done to get a response from DOL?
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    EB2 PERM labor stuck

    EB2 PERM labor filed in chicago nov'06. stuck ever since. what can be done to get a resolution in time for I140\485 filing?
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    Name change of H4 visa holder

    How do we go about changing name for Indian pp holder spouse of H1b? The spouse had her pp before marriage and hence got the visa stamped in the maiden name. However, would like to use husband's last name as surname and husband's first name as middle name and also change her first name after...