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    H1 Transfer in Jan 26th, 2007 - no updates till now

    my h1transfer case still worst i had applied h1 transfer to company B on dec 14 to nebraska. then got RFE, when we responded to RFE, the case got transfered to California. Now, the case status is 'response to RFE received and pending'. Since it is more than 6 months, how long should we consider...
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    Questions Closed for May 17 Conference Call

    H1 transfer is approved but no i-94 is given Thank you for spending your valuable time and educating immigration related queries online. Thank you verymuch!! I have applied h1 transfer and started working for this company thinking that he applies h1 transfer on time. But he delayed almost 1...
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    RFE during h1 transfer for more paystubs

    clarify Great guru, Thanks for response. what do you mean by 'your new H1 gets approved', please clarify. i have only applied h1 transfer and didnt apply any other h1 petetions. Thanks You said: Wort case transfer may not be approved but your new H1 gets approved.
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    RFE during h1 transfer for more paystubs

    H1 transfer with RFE I received RFE during h1 transfer to another company. My situation is little different. until 10/30/2006 - was working by Company A 11/01/2006- Company B (but filed h1 transfer 12/14) 11/01 - 12/31 - no payroll from companyA nor companyB, but working 01/01/2007-...
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    H1 Transfer to new company

    h1 transfer Even i am in same position. My employer told me he applied h1 transfer, but unfortunately it came back with incorrect payment. so i continued working and we decided to not to generate paystub during transition time from emploer a to employer b with same client. my employer agreed to...
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    H1 transfer possible or not -- urgent help requried please

    h1 transfer If you have h1 approval notice in hand (without i-94), i think you need to go ur home country and get it visa stamped on ur passport. Because you are doing h4 to h1 transfer, you cannot start working ur employer unless u get new visa stamp on Passport. hope this may helps!!
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    Di I need to wait for H1B transfer receipt?

    paystub without h1 transfer receipt dt 1. Dont do mistake by merely trusting employer word and start working for them without receipt notice. By employer's word i have started working for him, but my h1 transfer packet returned saying the fee was incorrect. my employer has informed me almost...
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    is premium process allowed for h1 transfer?

    My employer was telling me that h1 transfer is not allowed with Premium process. is it true. I am providing all cost, but still my employer saying this..i thought premium process can be utilized at the time of h1 transfer and also later point of time if in case we need. please clarify my doubt..
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    Need Pre-approved Labor

    need pre approved labor am also looking for pre approved labor. please contact me for furter discussion. Thanks in advance.
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    Pre-approved Labor

    labor needed contact me if you still have labor thanks
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    need pre approved labor

    Hi, I am looking for pre approved labor. i have 9 years IT experiance with B.E degree. Please contact me for further details at Thanks!