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    for those who would care

    I applied at Atlanta Local Office (spouse sponsored). My timelines are: Applied 2/02 EAD 3/02 FP notice 7/04 Interview Notice 7/04 FP 8/10/04 Interview 8/17/04 Got GC 9/20/04 Hope this helps.
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    for those who would care

    I had my AOS interview on 8/17/04 and was told that I would get my plastic card in 8-12 months. To my surprise I recieved my plastic GC yesterday (in about a month). So the wait is not that long anyway. Good luck to all those awaiting AOS.
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    AOS interview experience at Atlanta office

    I wish the best of luck to all those awaiting AOS. Thanks for the quick reply to my question. I hope to get the plastic card soon. WaitingforAOS11, I'll let you know when I get my card.
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    AOS interview experience at Atlanta office

    I had my AOS interview at Atlanta local office on 8/17/04. I thought I could share my experience with anyone awaiting interview. My appointment was at 9:30 AM and I arrived around 8:30 AM and sat in the waiting room. I was called for interview for about 10 minutes earlier than my scheduled...
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    Question about medical exam.

    I filed a family based AOS case at ATL local office in2/02 and have my interview on 8/17. They have sent me a list of documents to bring to the interview. The list also includes form I-693 (medical exam from an INS certified surgeon and supplemental vaccination record), to be brought to the...
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    Anyonw waiting for 485 approval in Atlanta

    I filed a family based AOS case at ATL office in 2/02. I am getting my FP today and have my AOS interview on 8/17. They did not send me anything until last month when both notices came about 3-4 days apart. Hope this helps.
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    second Fingerprints??

    Second finger Prints I applied for a family based GC (USC spouse) from Atlanta Local office in Feb 2002. I got my EAD in 3/02 and my receipt with A# in May 2002. Since then I have renewed my EAD twice. I am still waiting to hear anything about my I-485. When I went to get FP done for my third...
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    I-485 sent 15 months ago & only received a cash register receipt. Is this normal?

    If your sister sent her petition to the local INS office in NY, then the cash register receipt is all that she'll get. The form I-797C is only sent to you if you send your petition directly to the service center (which would be VSC in your case). So don't worry. I have applied to the...
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    a question about EAD renewal......please help

    I applied for EAd renewal at Atlanta Office on the 23rd of December. It's been almost 90 days since i applied but I have'nt received any notice from them. Is there anything I can do to get my EAd after the timeline (60-90 days) expires. I have heard that I can go to the INS office after 90 days...
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    please advise regarding special registration

    My SR experience at Atlanta Local Office DATED 2/18/03 I went to the INS office around 7:15 in the morning because I had to meet my lawyer there at around 8. There were'nt too many people for SR. At around 9:30 after meeting and discussing my case thouroughly with my lawyer I went in to hand...
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    please advise regarding special registration

    No I did not go for SR yet. I'll go next week. But I talked to a lot of lawyers about my situation. Most of them said that the situation for Pakistanis is not that bad. Anyone who is currently in status, has not been out of status for too long, has no criminal charges against him or has a...
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    Senate votes to end Special Registration

    Yeah, I don't think it matters what the congress or the senate say. This president and his administration have the power to bypass everything in the name of "home-land security". God help us all.
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    Transfer of case (I-485)

    I filed my spouse base I-485 at Atlanta local office which comes under the jurisdiction of TSC. If I move to another state that is under the jurisdiction of TSC but has it's own local office (e.g TN or TX) will I have to transfer my case to the local office of that state. Secondly how long...
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    please advise regarding special registration

    Yes, I filed my case at Atlanta Local office. I got exactly the same receipt that you have described. It looks like something out of a cash register. It has my name,date , all the applications I sent and their fees and my A#. I did ask my lawyer and he said that this is all I have and all I...
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    please advise regarding special registration

    I filed my I-485 on 2/18/02. I did file through an attorney and all the letters that I have from the INS, I got them through my attorney. do you think by now he would have gotten that receipt. Actually with the letter that I mentioned in my last post there is a reciept like thing that shows all...
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    please advise regarding special registration

    thanks and more Thanks for the reply. I checked the website that you have mentioned. There is one thing that I could not understand. I filed both I-130 and I-485 together and the only notice that I got from the INS (except for the notice for EAD) was a letter saying that they have recieved my...
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    please advise regarding special registration

    I am from Pakistan and have to appear for special registration. I filed for a spouse based I-485 in February 2002 at TSC. I came to America on a B2 visa and applied for extension of stay but just before I was planning to get married and file for my I-485 I got a letter from the INS saying that...
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    Remove Conditions on LPR (I-751)

    I just need to ask a few questions regarding the removal of conditional status: How long does the process take? Is your immigrant status maintained while your approval is pending and your conditional PR status has expired. Thanks in advance.
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    EAD Renewal in Atlanta Local Office

    My EAD expires in april 2003. I want to apply for renewal of my EAD. Can anyone answer my following questions: What form should I send? How long does in take for EAD renewal? How much in advance do I have to apply? Thanks in advance.