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    want to know Australia Visit visa information for GC (through Asylum) with RTD

    has anyone with GC+RTD been to Australia with visit visa? if so, what type of visa and how/where should I apply? I went through Australia Embassy website but couldn't get exact information. thanks in advance for help
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    anyone been to Australia on RTD (no green card)?

    if so, do I need a visa?
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    New asylee applying travel document

    Hi, I am recently approved Asylee and thinking of applying travel there any restriction on when to apply travel document from the date of Asylum grant? thanks...
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    can I send email to IO for application status?

    Hi, my application has been pending for about 10months already...I filed the application by myself while I was in valid H1 status....then I got NOID...while I was hiring a lawyer and preparing for rebuttal, IO referred me to court because she thought I was already out of status...then my...
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    need advice/help asap

    Hi, I filed asylum application by myself, got an A# (say A1), got interviewed, got EAD as pending asylum and got NOID. (* all under A# A1) Once I got NOID, I hired an attorney and submitted the Rebuttal on NOID referring to the same case # (with A# A1).. About 4 weeks later, I never...