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    Called Asylum Office and Decision Is Mailed Out, Need Advice!

    can you tell us more if you sent I 589 while you were Out of Status? How long did it take you to get the interview date? which office?
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    Does state matter when filing asylum?

    how can you prove the address where you live if you do not have any contract or no bills?
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    March 2014 Newark office

    What's the situation? Lets get together the Newark applicants and share info. Good Luck everyone.
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    After I589, does less than 12 years old kids need do fingerprint and interview?

    thanks Waz...what about the testimony and interview?
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    ask: Decision Envelope for Family Asylum (more than 1 person)

    Can anyone tell their experience of applting with children under 18 yrs old? Do you include them in application with a separate form with the same answers or they do not sing at all?
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    Newark, NJ - N-400 Timeline

    any recent interview experience at this office?
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    Am I approved?

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    USA is another continent so based on fear this might be a choice to be as far as possible!
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    law school student attorney

    I am also very interested to read any similar experience...Did you apply or you are preparing the file with them?
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    i want to apply for asylum in usa.

    yeah thats what I think.. Better safe than sorry
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    For who was or still waiting for asylum decision more than 2 weeks

    Hi Journalist, Can you tell us a little bit more about the Newark officer?! How did your interview go? I will be applying at the same one.
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    i want to apply for asylum in usa.

    What about UK past asylum claims (13 yrs ago)? Do they appear? Is it neccessary to be declared?
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    Attorney OR Law Students????

    Thank you mercier, this was what keepse feel good. I will be going through this with Law students and I am sure I won't regret it. I was just courious to read any experience as I can not find any thread about this topic. Thnx again.
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    Attorney OR Law Students????

    Dear all, I would like to share the very good experience I am having preparing my case with a group of Law students of a University Law Clinic. Even though I had everything ready their effort and legal presentetation preparation of I589 of the file is more than proffessional. I am...
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    Recording available for November 7 Conference Call

    Dear Sir, Please advice me on a possible way of solution for my daughter's I130 Approved petition. Priority date Feb 2011 Approval date after two months visa became current on June 2013 (when she is already 21.4 months years old. So because she aged out, her category got changed on Feb...
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    April 2013 Asylum Applicants

    thank you.
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    April 2013 Asylum Applicants

    none of these arguments helped me to decide which offices give more grants to asylum apps NY or NJ? :)))
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    Newark Office Applicants

    can anyone let us know how are the officers of this office?
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    April 2013 Asylum Applicants

    Thnx but how? If I live NJ or NY how can I apply or from where in order to be interviewed Arlington? Where is this? Thank you...