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    L! visa eligibility question

    I understand that in order to get an L1 visa you should have worked for a branch office or subsidiary of the company outside the US for one year. Lets say that I work for the subsidiary in india for one year. But during this one year I made several trips to the US on a B1 visa. Does this affect...
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    PERM application in this economy

    I would like to know what happens in the following scenario in this economy for labor certifications. If at the end of the recruitment process, there are qualified US citizens what are the next steps? 1. Does the company have to hire the US citizen and let you go? 2. If I have still many years...
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    Is is possible to claim social security and medicare tax back?

    Hello I am trying to figure out if we are eligble for a refund of the social security and medicare taxes if we leave US after 6 years of H1-B employment?
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    second 3 year extension (approved I-140) possible?

    Hello I am currently on a 3 year H-1 extension (since I have approved I-140). My PD is Mar 2006 and I do not see any hope of it becoming current in the near future. I would like to know whether I can apply for another 3 year extension since I am close to finishing the first 3 year extension...
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    unique question: Is there an expiry date on an approved I-140?

    folks here is my situation... I have an approved I-140. perm was filed for software engr and I am right now in a product manager role. So company attorneys refused to file my 485 stating that I am not a soft engr anymore. tried arguing with them but no luck. How long is the I-140 valid for? Can...
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    need help with I-485 filing

    Hello I have been working for company A for 7 years. The labor was filed for a software engineer. I have become a product manager over the course of time and now my attorney says that they cannot file 485 for me since I am not employed as a software engineer in the same company. My manager...