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    Can Trump bar citizen from entering US?

    Trump just singed a new Executive Order barring nationals from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, Syria and Yemen from entering US with a visa for 30 days. And may become permanent afterward. So my hypothetical question is does Trump have authority to bar dual national US citizens (from one of above...
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    U.S. Customs and Border Protection now asks foreign travelers for their social media accounts

    This is one of reason I don't have any social media (Facebook, Twitter,Youtube) accounts. I like my private life to stay private :) From Politico web site: Since US start doing this, I guess other countries will follow and ask for foreigner visitors social media accounts.
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    Passport photo too dark??

    Hello I just received my US passport in the mail, and photo on the information page is little bit dark with shadow under the eyes. The picture is recognizable (albeit excessive flesh tone), but you have to look at bright light. I read on internet that photo was digitalized to put on passport...
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    Applying for passport, but couple of questions

    Just recently got my citizenship and now going to apply for passport. Have passport application, but couple of questions. What is the exact procedure for applying for passport. I think I have to go to local agent (in post office) near me and hand them the application. Do they want a copy of...
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    Name chage after interview, but before the oath ceremony

    My N-400 application was approved and they send me an oath letter for next Friday July 17th in downtown Memphis library. I am thinking of changing my name (just adding a middle name) before oath ceremony so my new name would appear on my naturalization certificate. I was thinking of sending the...
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    Naturalization and having bad credit

    I am about to apply for citizenship but little hesitant since I have a very bad credit history. I defaulted on my credit card and student loan payments last year and have creditors hounding me by phone and mail. And a lawyer threatening to garnish part of my weekly income. And can't get a...
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    My biometrics experience.

    With expired GC (which expired 5 years ago) and no passport, was kind of nervous going into this. The Biometrics appointment was at 9:00 am in Memphis. Went thru the security and was instructed to drop my biometrics appointment in the drop box along with a questioner (your name, age, etc..)...
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    60 to 90 days processing time for I-90.

    CIS have On-line case status where one could check their case using application receipt number (start with MSC):;jsessionid=auaJnaKvSVah I e-filed I-90 on Nov 30th, and when entered my receipt #, I get this massage: “Current...
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    Expired green card and no passport.

    Hello I am in kind of hard position and was wondering any body have suggestions. My 10 year old green card expired five years ago and haven’t renew it since it expired in 2000 (just kept putting it off). And haven’t travel outside US since got my GC. And don’t have a passport. I quit...