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    for those who would care

    I had my AOS interview on 8/17/04 and was told that I would get my plastic card in 8-12 months. To my surprise I recieved my plastic GC yesterday (in about a month). So the wait is not that long anyway. Good luck to all those awaiting AOS.
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    AOS interview experience at Atlanta office

    I had my AOS interview at Atlanta local office on 8/17/04. I thought I could share my experience with anyone awaiting interview. My appointment was at 9:30 AM and I arrived around 8:30 AM and sat in the waiting room. I was called for interview for about 10 minutes earlier than my scheduled...
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    Question about medical exam.

    I filed a family based AOS case at ATL local office in2/02 and have my interview on 8/17. They have sent me a list of documents to bring to the interview. The list also includes form I-693 (medical exam from an INS certified surgeon and supplemental vaccination record), to be brought to the...
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    a question about EAD renewal......please help

    I applied for EAd renewal at Atlanta Office on the 23rd of December. It's been almost 90 days since i applied but I have'nt received any notice from them. Is there anything I can do to get my EAd after the timeline (60-90 days) expires. I have heard that I can go to the INS office after 90 days...
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    Transfer of case (I-485)

    I filed my spouse base I-485 at Atlanta local office which comes under the jurisdiction of TSC. If I move to another state that is under the jurisdiction of TSC but has it's own local office (e.g TN or TX) will I have to transfer my case to the local office of that state. Secondly how long...
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    please advise regarding special registration

    I am from Pakistan and have to appear for special registration. I filed for a spouse based I-485 in February 2002 at TSC. I came to America on a B2 visa and applied for extension of stay but just before I was planning to get married and file for my I-485 I got a letter from the INS saying that...
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    EAD Renewal in Atlanta Local Office

    My EAD expires in april 2003. I want to apply for renewal of my EAD. Can anyone answer my following questions: What form should I send? How long does in take for EAD renewal? How much in advance do I have to apply? Thanks in advance.
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    This is sooo frustrating

    I applied for AOS/EAD in febuary 2002 from Atlanta local office. I have gotten my EAD and and got a receipt notice in May. Ever since then there has been nothing from the INS. When should I expect to hear from them about my FP or interview. Anyone please share your experience.:mad: :confused: :mad:
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    Someone please advise

    I filed for my permanent residency (spouse sponsored) from Atlanta, GA (Texas service center) on the 15th of febuary. I got my EAD on the 9th of april. But I still have not gotten my receipt notice (case number). My question is: Is this delay the usual part of AOS? Does this delay mean that...
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    Need help ASAP

    Hi folks. I applied for AOS from Atlanta local office. Because of my employment I have to move to NY. I need to know if I have to tranfer my case from Atlanta to NY local office or can my case be processed in the atlanta office. I also need to know the procedure for tranfering my AOS case from...
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    fellowship or J1 waiver.........please advise

    Hi, Is it true that someone who does a fellowship on a J1 cannot apply for a J1 waiver. I have been told that after completing residency on J1 we have one of the two choices........either fo for a fellowship or apply for J1 waiver.
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    J1 waiver or fellowship.........please advise

    Can someone apply for a J1 waiver after doing a fellowship on a J1. I have been told that after completing a residency on a J1 we have one of the two choices.........either apply for waiver or go for a fellowship.
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    fellowship after residency on H1

    Ok so it is difficult to get a waiver after a fellowship. How easy/difficult it is to find a fellowship after doing a residency on H1 keeping in view that most H1 sponsoring programs donot have any fellowship programs of their own and nor do they have a good repute.