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    Travelling to UAE

    I've read on this forum several times where it says that one can only use a National Passport to enter the UAE. Can someone provide me with a link to show that it is true? I'm assuming renewing the National Passport would have a legitimate reson in this case. I have a GC already. Thank you...
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    Middle name on NP one letter off from name on GC

    All, I'm really in a bind. I'm not sure how to pursue this issue. I need someone's expert opinion. Here is what happened. I applied for my NP last week since I had to travel for an emergency for work. When I had the NP returned to me, my middle name was misspelt on it. It was spelled...
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    Urgent travel for work needed with no valid Travel Doc currently

    All, I need an opinion on what to do. I got my GC a little while ago and never had any intentions of renewing my National passport. I just found out today I need to leave in less than two weeks for a business trip to China and it is absolutely crucial that I go. My RTD has expired and it's...
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    OH. MY. GOD. Approved!!

    Hey guys, I came home last night and found my approval letter and my Green Card in the mail. I cant' believe it took only two months from the time I applied!! Thank you to everyone for all of their support. Best of luck to everyone as well.
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    I have a few questions if anyone can please be of assistance regarding form I-643. Thank you. 1. When is one supposed to file the I-643? Is it required to be filed along with the GC application or can I send it in separately? 2. It was not listed as a required document in the...
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    Moving after applying for GC

    Hey guys, Is it cool if I move after I've applied for my GC based on Asylum? I'm moving from Jersey to NYC. The jurisdiction should be still under the same Service Center. Are there any advantanges of moving after I apply? Should I wait till I move and THEN apply? Thank you in advance!
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    Canadian visa in RTD

    I'm planning on going to Canada just for a weekend trip. How long does it take to get a Canadian visa in an RTD (no GC). I'll be applying at the NYC consulate. Also, can I check "Multipe Visa" even though I'm only showing proof for one trip? I plan on going a few times for the rest of the year...
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    Interesting article Asylum-Seeker Rejected Based On Wikipedia, Appeals Court Reverts By Ryan Singel September 02, 2008 | 2:48:18 PMCategories: The Courts, The Ridiculous The Department of Homeland Security should not use the user-generated...
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    UK Visa and I-94 question

    Does anyone have any experience in getting a Visa in a RTD (no GC) going to the UK? How long does it take and are you required to have an interview? I applied for one online and I actually got scheduled for a biometrics appointment for at USCIS Application Support Center! I guess it makes...
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    RTD Finally Received!!

    I applied for an RTD in November of 2007. I needed it for a trip that I was planning on making this summer to Sweden and France. The further delaying of the processing times was very disheartening but I decided to apply for expedited service in June. With the help of my company, I sent them a...
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    Visiting Sweden on RTD no GC

    Hi All, I'm planning a trip to Sweden this summer and had a few questions regarding transiting through France. I was able to get a GREAT deal on a flight to Stockholm via Paris. :) So here are my questions. 1. Am I going to undergo immigration in Paris? If so, do they accept RTD's? I do...
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    Lost my receipt

    What can I do to replace a lost receipt? I don't know what the number is either. Thanks in advance. :)
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    "OUT OF STATUS" Plight of Muslim Immigrants in Post-Sept. 11 America

    Media coverage...this film opens in NYC today. :cool: In their no-frills documentary, “Out of Status,” Pia Sawhney and Sanjna N. Singh examine the actions of the Immigration and Naturalization Service after 9/11 and the...
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    Still have not received Final Approval (Asylum) Decision

    I received a Recommended Asylum decision in March of 2005. I still have yet to receive my Final Approval. I have repeatedly tried to get the status of my Application and I have received an answer from the Newark Asylum Office stating that my Background Check has not yet been received from the...
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    What TAX form should I fill out?

    For the past few years, I have been using 1040NR EZ for my taxes. Now that I have received my Recommended Asylum, which Tax form do I use to file my taxes? The NR or the regular 1040(EZ) for Residents?
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    Employment Authorization Help!!

    Ok, I have a fairly complicated problem. I believe I may have the correct solution but I need someone to verify it. Here is background info and details about the problem. I entered the country on an F-1 visa as a student. I applied for asylum in January of 2005 and had my interview date...
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    Background Check/Final Approval

    I applied for asylum in the end of January, had my interview in March and received a "Recommended Asylum" letter in the beginning of April. How long does the background check take? And is it true that your I-94 card doesn't always arrive? How long did everyone else's take? Does it depend on...