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    apply for a social security number for a child

    My son got his Green Card. Does he need to apply for his social security card? What are the rules here? My son currently is using his TIN number for his school and our tax return. My son got his GC card in September 2008. Is there a time limit for him to apply for the SSN card?
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    I-485 approval notice

    After a long period of waiting, my spouse and I received the I-485 approval notice (mailed out May 1st, and May 5th). Is that what we have been waiting for for so long time? There is no email notice, but a single LUD change (message not changed). What about the card and the welcome notice? I...
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    I-140 approved, need to apply for EAD?

    My I-140 was approved on October 17, 2007. I submitted I-485 in July 2007. Currently I am on H1B valid till August of 2010. However, my university HR now urges me to apply for EAD I-765. Is it really necessary? Is there any USCIS link for this issue? I already told HR that I should be OK to work...
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    EB1A RFE, help

    Dear friends, This morning I received an email from CRIS saying ' We mailed you a notice requesting additional evidence. ' Not a very good news, so I am waiting for the paper notice, thinking of how I can reply the RFE appropriately. I thought I provided all the evidences that I could...
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    EB1A: nationally award: NSERC PDF for Canadians?

    Everyone, any suggestons? Especially Canadians, please share the experience. Thanks! I was awarded the NSERC PDF (Post Doctoral Fellowship, $70,000 for two years, tenureable at any prestigious place internationally), equivalent to VIGRE in US? Will this be strong enough to claim the award...
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    questions: efiling for eb1a

    Hi, first time post my message here, but I've been reading a lot. I am thinking E-filing too, but questions: 1. After efile, where should I mail the documents? On the website, it says "mail it to the address provided on the Confirmation Receipt notice". Does that mean that most people efiled...