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Hey hello never quitter
Wanted to confirm have u done masters n PhD from India?
Never Quitter,
I would suggest you research AAMC website:
The MD or DO programs in the U.S. look for pre-med requisite classes done in North America (US/Canada). AAMC website has a post-bac pre-med program offering university list offering post-bac.
You have research experience that will be valued a lot. Certainly, you will need to take MCAT. Look for MCAT courses/books.
In continuation...
If you want you can go to the Carribean route for MD: AUC, Ross, SGU, Saba these have US federal loans and you may be accepted in Pre-med+MD combined program. The residency match rate for IMG/FMG is lower than US MD/DO. You should be able to get in US MD schools if you hit required MCAT score and do well in the post-bac program with 3.8 + GPA. Also, you can shortlist which schools you want to apply