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    N-336 interview

    My brother-in-law is going for N336 interview soon. His application N400 citizenship after marriage to a US citizen got denied due to not meeting the conditions of three years after obtaining a green card. Actually interview was scheduled on 2 years and 364 days. It was just a day to pass, and...
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    How did you get your first Credit Card in the US? Any advice you can provide?

    Here it is how. first you should have money about ($1ooo to $2000) before you wanna have credit cards. When you have money, go to BoA (Bank of America), tell them you wanna open "Secure" credit card. Please make sure you say "Secure". "Secure" credit card are credit card which approved by bank...
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    Seriously, you got marriage by faking your age and come to US with your wife! the refugee case always gotta be fake then! Wait, you are 64 (in real), but you are 54 by faking it in document of USCIS. Now, why do you wanna be 64, for Social Security benefits? C'mon, STOP IT FROM THERE! You...
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    China Visa for 10 year multiple-entry visa!

    U.S. citizens traveling to China can now apply for a ten-year multiple-entry visa! Check your U.S. passport before applying for a visa to make sure that it has six months or more validity remaining. A multiple-entry visa is essential if you plan to re-enter China, especially if you plan to visit...
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    Tax Return after Citizenship

    Well, this post might help you for some who are going to have similar life experience of mine. Most of naturalized US Citizens are marriage to a non-US Citizen. I am the one of them, however my wife is a non-resident in US, so she doesn't apply for visa to live in US, that's mean she doesn't...
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    Is VISA on arrival for US citizens (of indian orgin) in INDIA effective now?

    There is E-visa for India now, which is cheap and as good as Visa on Arrival. Google it.
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    In a fix, I count on your speedy advice please.

    I don't think you will get problems with it. Answer only what they ask and if they need any explanation, you can simply say and explain to them.
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    2013 April N-400 Tracker

    On November 5, 2013 - Oath day is scheduled.
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    2013 April N-400 Tracker

    My interview was very easy. Officer called me in; then he ask me to write "President Lives in White House." And he asked me to read "White House is in Washington D.C." sentence. He went through with Civics test, which are 53, 95, 70, 43, 98, 100. And later he ask for verification of phone number...
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    2013 April N-400 Tracker

    Today, I pass the interview :) I am going to wait for Oath Letter :)
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    2013 April N-400 Tracker

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    2013 April N-400 Tracker

    can you simply post the interview experiences & their questions?
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    2013 April N-400 Tracker

    Congratulation Tazmania!