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    I-140 Denied, Is My 7th Ext Vaild ?

    How come the deny out? Hi, I don't understand why your case was denied. it seems that you was paid proffered wage.(My LC salary is 45k, I earn around 55k- 60k. PD - 2001). Your company has 200+ employees. Could you tell me what is the reason? I have same issure(ability to pay). My comapny has...
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    Intent to deny I140 in acquistion situation

    I got same issure All the patent and software are acquired by the company A, but they didn't acquired our asset. I want to know that Can I continue my GC application by the company A? Your help will be appreciated. Thank you!
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    CSC-I140 RFE cases

    Did you receive it or when Hi, I get refs on march 31, 2005. Until today, We didn't receive it since the attorney move to the new address. Could you tell me when you receive it? thank you!
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    urgent help

    Hi Gurus, I got a refs "ability to pay". The company like to write a letter from CFO since our company has over 100 employee. Please help me how to write this kind of letter to prove the company has ability to pay the profferd wage. I search whole forums, I can not find any letter.