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  • Upstate_NY,

    I am a US Citizen and I sponsored my elderly (>65) parents for GC. How can I get medicaid for them? Your post is very encouraging that your parents got medicaid in NY. Any guidance is very much appreciated. Thanks!
    Hi NHAN VO,

    My interview was on the end of July 2008. If you have already made 2 infopass, then I guess you just have to wait. I enquired after 90 days and that is when I recd a notice saying that a Oath letter was sent in mid-August and that, I didn't appear for the oath in mid-Sept. I did my finger-printing again. Today, I finally recd the oath letter for this month!
    hi NY,
    when and when did you got your inyerview ? I got my on SEP-2-2008 at Washington dc field office. It's been over 2 months and i hve not got the OL i made 2 inforpass and got "re-verification" on my file. I got my marriage date wrong on my n-400 that why i could not make the oath same day. Keep me update on your case.
    Sorry for the late response. I usually don't check this site as often as I used to. I used to live in Upstate NY but can still provide you some info.

    Yes, in NY, they are eligible for medicaid as soon as they have GC in hand. Again, the final rules are with the local county Social Services Dept. Please look up the number, make an appt. You will have to appear with your parents.

    Good luck.
    I just moved to the upstate New York Albany area...I saw your post online and it seems you really provide some valuable comments. I have some questions regarding my parents' benefits, I was wondering if you could help me answer them...My parents are over 65, my mother is disabled with blindness, with very low income ($200/month from her retirement overseas). As green card holders live in New York State, will they eligible for Medicaid as soon as they obtain green card? or do they have to wait for three years because I am the sponsor?
    Where should I go for for further information? Which hospital should I go?
    Your kind reply will be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much!!
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