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  • As of now, I've received I797 but haven't gone for H1 visa stamping yet.
    Prior, I had F1 visa from US university and my wife was on F2 dependent visa. My wife's F2 visa is valid until Jul 19 2009. Could you please confirm if she can be on a valid F2 status until Jul 19 2009 and meanwhile my company can file H4 dependent visa for her while we both are here and I can go for H1 stamping to a US consulate along with her anytime until Jul 19,2009.

    Thanks in advance ..

    I recently received my H-1b visa. Previous visa status- F-1, My spouse was on F-2 visa.
    I had applied for her H1b visa(got query) and was denied towards the response of it. Can her company appeal to USCIS for her H-1b. And what would be her length of legal stay in US. Can I proceed filing for her H-4 visa ? What will be the status if the appeal is accepted and in the meantime I receive her H-1b. What will be suitable course of action. Thanks in advance..
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