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    Ovelapping / Non-overlapping in Employment on H1-B?

    time is now past and you may have already joined the new employer. in my opinion, 5 days of lapse would not be an issue. but what does your h1b transfer approval notice say?
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    Wife's name - not included

    Curious. anyway, pls take a look at the 485 form and filing instructions. you have to put their names as dependents, but it is not absolutely necessary to file 485 for them. keep in mind that the 485 turnaround time is record short~4 months. So, you could get approved and they would be out...
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    I485 file or defer?

    as of may 31, 2011 processing times have gone down aggressively for eb 485. Only TSC is processing eb 485s recd last qtr of 2010; every other sc is processing in 4 months.
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    demand data and infering EB2Ind pd

    to those who have seen the demand data used in determining the august 2011 cut off dates, (google demand data 485 august 2011) demand prior to jan 2007 is 0 for EB2I. does this mean that the cases priorto jan 07 for I are pre-adjudicated and approved as of july 10 2011?
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    Indian Citizenship and Passport for US Born Child for Indian Parents

    you need to naturalize your child after the birth. usually not so difficult for child of indian citizens.
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    I485 file or defer?

    yes. the troubling issues is the field offices are showing faster processsing times than the service centers. So, that is one issue. Second point is that the proc dates released on 6/13 are severely backlogged for all serv centers except for CSC. Then the proc time goal on the cis websites show...
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    I485 file or defer?

    fp may not be done. I will have to keep close watch on the proc dates at the regional serv centers to ensure that I do not get approved till we are all back here. any idea why there is discrepancy between the proc times for 485 shown on uscis site and the proc dates of the serv centers are...
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    potential causes for delayed approval

    The aos application will be based on EB 485. 140 is already approved. No issues whatsoever. just determining what would cause the application to exceed normal proc time of 4 months (assuming pd stays current).
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    I485 file or defer?

    I appreciate your insights to this discussion. Yes; will file 485 for those who are here and for the dependent who need to be abroad, will file after they are here. My ambivalence was based on my flawed assessment of the CIS 485 proc times...that the 485 will be approved sooner and the overseas...
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    I485 file or defer?

    after some more research, retrogression is quite unlikely until onset of october 2011 (new year for visas). looking at 485 inventory and also the processing dates at the regional service centers, every center is currently processing 485 recd at last quarter of 2010 (except CSC). So, the chance...
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    potential causes for delayed approval

    what are the potential issues which would delay approval of 485? Also, what are the criteria for transfer of 485 application from regional service center to field office?
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    * HELP! 485 Pending-TB Faild-RFE Due-9 Mth Medic-Wife Pregnant

    do not know the answers to all your questions. At this time can your wife take the TB treatment...something to be checked with family doctor or ob-gyn. If they say no, that answers your first query. If treatment is not medically appropriate for the duration of pregnancy\nursing stage, you may...
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    What happens when dependent’s medical was partially done because of pregnancy?

    researched the answer myself. some vaccines would be contra-indicated and the person for whom the medical is incompleted, would get RFE. Essentially, I do not see any reason to file 485 because the person for whom the medical is incomplete, would need to either maintain valid NIV status or keep...
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    CP for dependents

    I have I140 approved and EB2IN. PD becomes current as of Jul 11. I140 was processed as AOS. Can I do AOS for me and CP for dependents? Dependents need to visit India Aug-December (medical reasons). This may give us barely enough time for doing their FP here; but not enough time to get AP.