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    What to do if AADHAR is requested/insisted for OCI holder

    I had the same issue last time I visited. PAN card can be used instead of Aadhar card.
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    Tutoring needs for healthcare professionals

    I am doing some research for tutoring services need among medical and healthcare professions. Especially the ones from India and plan or already immigrated. We are a group of practicing medicos from India, looking be of help for healthcare professionals who are in immigration procedures...
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    I-130 processing in NBC

    I applied for I-130 in July 2012 for my parents and am still waiting. EAD and AP are approved.
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    Time to get parents gc approved , filing in San Jose ca

    I applied for my parents( San Ramon) for GC in July 2012 and am still waiting for approval. They have EAD and AP in 4 months, but I-130 and 1-485 is already reaching 9 months and counting.. Called customer service and made application processing center, but no hope. Feel like my GC cycle...
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    I-130 and 485 processing timeline?

    I am in the same boat. I applied for parents GC July 2012. They have EAD and AP, I-130 and I-485 is still pending. Called Customer service, they created a special request( not sure what it is ). I-485 outside normal processing window, I-130 does not have a normal processing window. They can...
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    Sponsoring Wife and Son I-130

    Hi MoozB, Did you get I-130 approval in April 2013? Did it take 24 months for approval? Thanks
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    Questions about Green card for Parents - Next Steps

    Hi gcsponsor9, I applied for AOS and I-130 for my parents,( Loclbox chicago) They have EAD and AP now. Applied on July 27th 2012. I am still waiting to hear on I-130 and I-485. Can you provide timeline on your case? Thanks
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    !!!!!!!TSC unbelievable!!!!!!

    My Card was ordered on July28th and the message changed to below today .. Way to go TSC ... On August 2, 2004, the card order was completed and we mailed the applicant's new card directly to him or her. If 14 days have passed and you have not received this card, you may wish to verify or...
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    need Advice - urgent please (485 approved)

    Fire the Lawyer If USCIS has already made a decision on your case, why does the lawyer wants to fiddle it now. As far as your case he is done with the case. You dont have to inform INS of any thing any more. As far as they go you are a permamant resident. Stamping is just to confirm the...
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    Stamping experience SFO

    Stamping experience My approval notice arrived a week after the message changed on the Internet.BEcause I live in San Francisco, The approval notice asked me to go to SFO center. The stamping was fine, not without some frustations as you can expect. We went there at about 6 am and there...
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    Letter to Congressman

    Letter Template Do you have a letter template to write the congressman ? I am unable to find it, I know its some where here in the forum.
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    Approved !!! ND May 21 2002

    Safari, No I did not sign up for the automatic email....I used to manually check atleast 6 times a day. Chances of the script not working are more when you manually check 6 times a day and canot give up your obsession.
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    Approved !!! ND May 21 2002

    Mine and my spouse's cases got approved yesterday. Just checked the website this morning. EB3/RIR ND May 21 2002 . FP May 13 2003 AD June 28 2004 Changed Employer Once Address Change Twice I asked my attorney to send a reminder letter that the FP's are expiring in August...
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    FP expiring soon, what needs to be done?

    Contents of the Letter What are the contents of the letter ? Did your atorney send the letter or did you? RD May 21 2002 FP March 13 2003 ..
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    So basically we need to find a Job and have the employer apply for H1B, and go thorugh the pain full process of 6 years of Green Card process.