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    VISA Information for Countries

    Thailand visa with GC + RTD (No NP) please help me. do i need to apply visa to go to Thailand with GC + RTD? i DO NOT have National Passport. PLEASE HELP ME ASAP as I need to leave in about 2-3 weeks time. I called Thai Embassy but the lady just keeps on transferring the call to Visa...
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    want to know Australia Visit visa information for GC (through Asylum) with RTD

    has anyone with GC+RTD been to Australia with visit visa? if so, what type of visa and how/where should I apply? I went through Australia Embassy website but couldn't get exact information. thanks in advance for help
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    Please tell me after how many days I will receive a final decision after sending a rebuttal?

    i got approved through rebuttal took about 1-2 months...
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    I want my free EAD !

    my free EAD came automatically about 30days after approval... so you might want to wait about 30days (normal wait time for EAD) thing you can do is ...wait for 10-15 days or so and check the status in USCIS case status check online using your case number (ZARxxxxxxxxxx) should be 13...
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    EAD for derivative Asylee

    yap..i think EAD is automatically issued onlyto primary applicant..i got ead card and my wife(derivative) doesn't get one..
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    Immigration Court Procedures for Master Hearing

    I think you can tell the Judge that you are yet to get a lawyer and request more time. I've been to Master Hearing (with lawyer though) and saw other people asking like that...just my 2 cents..get approval from senior :D **BUT YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY HAVE A LAWYER FOR INDIVIDUAL
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    HELP: notice of intent to deny

    JUST MY 2 CENTS....DO NOT TAKE IT FOR GRANTED.... as far as I know, if you are in valid status, you'll get either approval or denial decision. Then, only when you are out of status, you can request to reopen the file.. If you are out of status by the time you submit rebuttal, you might want...
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    HELP: notice of intent to deny

    Hi, You need to get a good lawyer asap. I think you already wasted a week. Most GOOD lawyers do not want to take the case from half way. Expect to pay more than the price he would ask for from a totally new client because he has to go from whatever you wrote on your application. After you...
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    Quick Notice for a second interview

    i do not think 2nd interview is case was pending for about 10 months...when i was first interviewed, there were 3 officers in the room (was told the other 2 were just being trained) and I didn't have lawyer at that time yet....then i got NOID...then I got NTA...then IJ sent my...
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    anyone been to Australia on RTD (no green card)?

    thanks WoosterLad..I plan to go there around thanksgiving....will start RTD soon...
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    anyone been to Australia on RTD (no green card)?

    if so, do I need a visa?
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    New asylee applying travel document

    yes...I looked at the form and seems quite straightforward.... have another question too... how do I apply and get food stamps and assistance? I checked online but couldn't fine straight answer for what form to fill up and where to send... thanks.
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    New asylee applying travel document

    is my question too difficult to answer? should I get consultation from the lawyer? thanks..
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    New asylee applying travel document

    Hi, I am recently approved Asylee and thinking of applying travel there any restriction on when to apply travel document from the date of Asylum grant? thanks...
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    can I send email to IO for application status?

    then i think i better go there in person for inquiry....that office has inquiry hour everyday...