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    Can I terminate H-1B Contract?

    I am screwed here ? almost
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    Is H4 approval notice sent to lawyer or to home address

    H4 extension approval shd come to home address directly from USCIS.
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    H1-B visa - port of enty ASAP!!! URGENT!!!

    company A has to informed USCIS under law (within month or so) , so if he's back before that .....he's a lucky guy.
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    Desi Employer won't give H1 papers, pays peanuts HELP!

    Hahaha. Sue on what? H1B is the property of Employer. NOT YOU. If they actually applied and got the approved, they don't need to worry anything. Sue on salary? The law said employer don't have to pay the PWD for temp employee (H1B holder). Did they sign any contract to say they pay X amount of...
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    H1B visa stamping for Green Card holder's son

    no coz you have approved H1 and they wont be interested in your parents status.(why whd they be)
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    H4 Driver's license pending?

    as long as you have vaild visa on your passport you shd have no problem in getting DL or coming back to US. take your passport to DMV .........
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    Is M.C.A. considered as equivalent to US Masters by NSC or not?

    Hello all, I'm an MCA as well and my 140 has been pending since Jan 2005. On enquiring they said that 'its pending overseas verification'.
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    I-140 stuck for 2 yrs pending on FBI clearance

    Hello, Yes I did receive the same response for my I140 some 6 months back(ND: 1/3/2005) and my 140 is still pending!
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    I-140 EB2 - CSC approved 16 months after ND, and 13 months after RFE

    Hi Srika65, Could you tell me what was their response when you or the attorney enquired? I'm EB2 (masters) and my I140/485 dates are 1/3/2005 and still pending. They responded to me by saying that my case is pending overseas investigation on qualification. Your response is appreciated...
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    I-140 Pending from OCt 2003

    Hello, This response basically menas that they have sent your information overseas to verify. I guess they just pick up cases randomly for the overseas investigation. I just saw a LUD change on Jan 27th without any message change. I have asked my company to inquire but haven't heard...
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    CSC August 2005 Filing I-140 Tracking

    My I140 has been pending for the last 5 months for an 'overseas investigation' for education and experience. It was filed under EB2 and everything on my application is legit. Has anyone heard about this before and/or knows how long it could take for the approval? Thanks! EB2 I140/485 ND Jan...
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    CSC August 2005 Filing I-140 Tracking

    Hi gp111, Do you have a link to this recent memo or something similar to substantiate the fact that you can use AC21 even without I140 approval? Would greatly appreciate a response. Thanks!
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    Add cases with No RFE,NoDecision for Oct/Nov 2004

    No response after RFE was responded I basically asked them about the status of my I140 since I had seen nothing for almost 2 months after the RFE was responded (except for the response recd message). EB2 I140 PD Jan 3, 2005.
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    I-140 Pending from OCt 2003

    Please Help!! I had sent an enquiry for my I140 after the RFE was responded and there was no update for 2 months. This is what they said: "The I-140 at question is pending overseas investigation on job experience and education. Once the officer receives the report, he will evaluate the...
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    Add cases with No RFE,NoDecision for Oct/Nov 2004

    Please Help!! Hi all, I had sent an email enquiry for I140 (after the rfe was responded and I had heard nothing for 2 months) and this is what they replied: "The I-140 at question is pending overseas investigation on job experience and education." Does anyone know what this means...