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    Any April 2008 Filers?

    1 - You cannot apply for a US passport since you are not a US citizen. Use your Australian passport. 2 - Get a passport for your daughter - apply for it now so you get it back in plenty of time.
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    The key is that you have to be able to be in the country and actively look for work. If you were on an H1 or some other work visa, then when the job ended you were supposed to leave the country and therefore you couldn't get unemployment. But once you get your GC, you are now allowed to stay...
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    Question about card production.

    I received the same Card Production updates - it's normal. The good news is that your application is moving and they are working it. My I-485 showed approved the day after my interview. My I-130 got a soft LUD after the interview, but the online status message still shows the original...
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    September 2008 filers, Post here

    The EAD will be good for one year. If you don't get your GC by next year, then you can file to get another EAD based on the same pending I-485.
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    already complicated situation I-94 to GC app

    Great - I was just worried that you or her had actually lied about something to immigration. If you did, that is where you could run into problems. Good Luck. As for the marriage license - did you actually get married in the US or just file for the license? Remember when you file for the...
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    Month of MAY filers, here is your thread

    What I did was I took the originals of everything I submitted - the IO specifically asked to see our birth certificates and marriage certificate and matched them up with the copies that I submitted - just to make sure they were the same. I also brought more bank statements that showed that we...
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    already complicated situation I-94 to GC app

    Being married is like being pregnant - you either ARE or ARE NOT. Were you legally considered married after the first ceremony? I don't see how the US marriage license can be be valid if you are already married. You can have two or more ceremonies but you can only legally get married once...
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    already complicated situation I-94 to GC app

    What kind of visa did she enter on? What do you mean that you got your marriage license after she entered? Were you not already married when she entered or am I getting the timeline of events confused. "Basically I am a USC and got married in international waters but decided to bring my...
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    TN letter - Renewal at POE

    What I've had at the end of some of mine has been something like this... "Mr. Doe understands the temporary nature of the TN and understands that he is expected to return to Canada after the work has been completed" ... or something like that. Basically instead of saying that the company...
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    interview under age 14?

    In case you want the rest of the information...
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    I got my green card but my daughter didn't

    I think your attorney got confused between employment based and family based filings. In the family based filing there is no "derivative status" and each member must have an application filed for them. All that same forms that you had filed (I-130, I-485, I-864, ...) must also be filed for...
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    Month of MAY filers, here is your thread

    Congratulations ... nothing to do now but wait... and gather your documents. Good Luck!
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    Month of MAY filers, here is your thread

    I received my GC in the mail on Nov 22nd, exactly 10 calendar days after I was approved. He said I should get it in about 10 days... :rolleyes:
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    Month of MAY filers, here is your thread

    Thanks. I'm hoping it will come soon. I'm really just thankful that he told me it was approved right then and there and that I got the update online too. Based on what others went through, it would not have surprised me to hear him say "Well, we'll review it and let you know..." sort of thing...
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    Congratulations! I feel your relief! :p :D