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    Can you bring infant to a biometrics?

    My wife is ready to file N400 just before her due date. She will get her biometrics while she will take care of a baby. I don't want to take day off just for my wife to get biometrics. I want her to go with a baby there and take biometrics ASAP and come back home. Do they allow infants to be...
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    Naturalization and previous illegal work on fraudulent papers

    I'm here long time and I'm not getting paid for anyone. Sometimes you don't know who is reading the forum and you want to say that your friends needs advise....
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    Naturalization and previous illegal work on fraudulent papers

    My friend's wife is applying for citizenship in few months. She received GC after marrying USC. Her illegal stay & work was never mentioned on the interview. Now she wants to apply for citizenship and what to answer if they ask about employment and using false SSN ? She was working on cash...
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    What is USCIS status in this case?

    My fiancee came to the USA 3 years ago on F-1 visa. After 2 years she quits her school (couldn't go to school anymore) and her I-20 is still valid until May 2009. Her I-94 says D/S. What is her USCIS status? OUT OF STATUS, OVERSTAYED or F-1 still ? Please advise. Anyway she is marring to...
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    california dmv destroyed my certificate of citizenship before I even got a passport.

    This is why I keep my passport card in a safe. Never got lost/stolen and in ase like this I have no problems.
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    don't want to mail in passport book for passport card

    My sister went to USPS to apply for passport card using cert, because she needed passport. They sent a letter to sent passport anyway!
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    What are advantages and disadvantages of USA citizenship

    Advantage: Shorter lines at cross border in EU. There are lines for EU citizens (90% of people arriving) and ALL passports and I always go with US passport, so its faster for me to go thru. I have also EU passport. When you got ticket in the EU I always show US docs, so my EU driver...
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    Cost of Citizenship

    I don't count GC cost, because my parents were paying when I was a kid and until I was supported by them. Since then I spend for N-400 application, US Passport, US Passcard, Enhanced Driver License (this was expiring anyway). With photos, documents preparations, travel, xerox, etc around $2k...
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    Is it mandatory to inform SSA about new status?

    Once again - READ!!! What if my immigration status or citizenship changed? If your immigration status changed or you became a U.S. citizen, you should tell Social Security so your records can be updated. To get your immigration status or citizenship corrected, you need to show documents...
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    Enhanced Drivers License (EDL).

    It has only number - both on passport card and EDL. I tested it on my RFID reader :)
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    Jury Duty

    They sent invitations to everyone from DMV, SSA and state/federal/city/county benefits programs. Also they use their own database if you registered for voting. They always sent to me invitation when I change my driver license's address.
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    Lost Certificate of Naturalization

    Yeap. I went to Canada next day after oath and I didn't make any copies. My cert was at my mom's purse and she was loosing things in casinos and Canada, but my cert was still there. Lucky next day I applied for US Passport, but I made 2 copies JIC.
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    Aren't they making you to commit false statement?

    Before the oath (in NY) they give voter registration forms and they ask to fill them out and then they collect it. Everyone checks that is US Citizen, but that is not true, since there was no oath before that. Everone is making false statement and court allows it! We are us citizens after oath...
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    New York City - N-400 Timeline - Naturalization Experiences

    I had my oath today at Cadman Plaza at 8:00am. There were about 300-400 people. Full load. One young lady felt bad in the beginning and they had to take her to ER and she didn't have her oath and citizenship today :( Therefore I sneak out to be fist in the line, so they called me in 1st 20...