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    I need info on MS Nutritional Science and jobs thereafter

    You will have better luck in smaller no name Universities (but accredited and recognised nevertheless) away from big cities. Try calling them.
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    Opt expiring...what options left after I-140 approval?

    You can go get a BSN to kill time and see if visa numbers open up or the situation improves and they pass some law. However I would recommend that if your grades are good you try to get directly in an RN -MSN program to become a Nurse Practitioner etc. If you become an NP or another type of APN...
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    Filed I-485 for 1st time In June 2007

    EB3 INDIA PD: August 2001 LC Appoved : October 2005 (Yes 4 plus yrs for LC). I 140 Approved : Jan 2006 I 485 mailed to NSC on 6/14/07. Will probably be transfered to TSC since I am in TX. No receipt or FP yet.
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    Pending Pd 2001 Eb3 India. Post Here

    Some of your cases ae better than mine Labor PD : August 2001. Labor did not clear until October 2005. At that time retro had already set. Couldnt apply for I 485. I 140 was approved Jan 06. I was able to file for I 485 first time on June 15th 2007. Hopefully waiting on FP and EAD...
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    Please Help!! Temporary PR and am out of Canada

    You cant send recent photo by mail. Easiest option would be to enter canada by land border since your record of landing will be valid. You will have to rent a car and go. Greyhound or airplane wont let you board.
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    Any non Muslim Indian denied H1B due to security check ?

    Triple, I wasnt talking about USCIS name checks but rather State Department name checks at a US Embassy or Consulate outside the US.
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    Any non Muslim Indian denied H1B due to security check ?

    AggieCh I tend to disagree. Muslim friends will themselves attest to the fact that they are more likely then avg to have their names stuck in name check. Actually I think its standard procedure for some nationalities like Pakistan where I havent come across a Paki passport holder who hasnt...
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    Any non Muslim Indian denied H1B due to security check ?

    Does anyone know whats the avg time for security check for Indian passport ? What is the % of Indian citizen applicants going for name check in Canada ? Thanks
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    Preemptive notification of Adminsitrative Processing

    I think most of the Canadian consulates used to do this prior to 2005 but stopped calling in advance in 2005. Maybe they are starting again.
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    Clarification on some DS 156 Questions

    Also can someone please confirm if DS 158 also needs to be filled out for H1B restamping ?
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    Clarification on some DS 156 Questions

    I need clarification on how to fill out some DS156 Questions. I am applying for 8-10 yr H1B stamping from Toronto. Question 29: Additional Visits to the US Do I need to tell them of each and every entry to US since the first time I came. That would be about 6 or 8 entries. Question 30...
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    H1 Visa stamping experience- Canada

    Please do notify us of your experience at the consulate. Thanks
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    Need sponsor for RN

    No, you can not use his Priority Date. Thanks
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    H1 Visa stamping experience- Canada

    Ottawa is very easy to get an appt. Montreal is also OK. Toronto is the toughest to get an appt. Appointments for Toronto are difficult to get. Try searching around 6 or 7 PM in the evening. Ive had good luck at that time in the past.
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    H1 Visa stamping experience- Canada

    In that case it will depend on your reason for being out of status and how well you can convince the officer that it was truly unintentional.