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    Need new i20 if university campus changes to a different state?

    Hi, I received i20 from a university in Seattle, Washington and I have visa interview for the same on Nov 4th in delhi. However, the university today told me that they are not offering the program in the seattle campus for Winter 2021 and instead offering the program at their New York Campus. Do...
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    I485 EAD filing with criminal cases pending in India

    Hi, I am wanting to file i485 GC EAD in USA. I have some cases filed against me in India. Note that there is no complaint or cases filed in USA against me. I have a false domestic violence civil case filed against me in India which is ongoing since last few years. Case is between me and ex...
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    Is it legal to for beneficiary to pay for Premium processing of I-140?

    Hi, I wanted to know if its legal for the beneficiary to pay for premium processing of I-140? I have heard of people in small consulting companies do this but mine is a big reputable company and wanted to know if its legal? Additionally, would someone be able to comment if usually...
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    H1B transfer under pending H1b extension

    Hello, I work in California for a large public company with 5000+ employees (say A). My first 3 years of h1b expire on Sept 15, 2012. I have been with this company for 3+ years. Now I want to change my job to a small but genuine company with 300+ employees (say to B). My current company...
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    B medical visa approval with previous GC/immigration application?

    hi triplecitizen, thanks for your reply. Basically I want to know what are my chances of getting medical B2 visa approved in such a case? as in, is visa approval likely or unlikely? I had stayed in the US for 7 years in MS+OPT+H1B and without any incidences. Thanks!!
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    B medical visa approval with previous GC/immigration application?

    hello, I wanted to know if its possible to apply for a B visa for medical treatment in the USA if i have had a previous Green Card application/immigration intent? I never got the GC but my company applied and i reached the second stage before i left back for India. I think in such a case...
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    Medical leave on h1b while traveling to India and reentry to the US.

    Some more information: 1) I have a genuine employer(5000+employees) and my manager is supporting me through this. He is willing to wait for a few more months and take me back once i get better. 2) I am technically still employed with the company and on unpaid short term disability leave with...
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    Medical leave on h1b while traveling to India and reentry to the US.

    Hi, I have a complicated case and would much appreciate any opinions. I am on H1b working with a genuine US employer in California. My stamping was done in Jan 2010. I traveled to India on march 04 for vacation and met with a major accident and underwent surgeries in India. I have been in India...
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    Can B1/B2 visa obtained for business be used for vacation?

    Hi, I work in the US on H1b. I visited India 3 months back on vacation and had an accident. I have not recovered am now going back to US for new surgeries. Since I cannot walk my brother will accompany me to the US to take care of me and will have to stay about 2 months. My brother has a...
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    H1b “transfer” from India without stamping/being on-site

    Thanks much for your help ginnu. To Clarify: 1) So even if I havent got H1B visa stamp from old employer, I can still apply for H1b from new employer based on old I-797 (to escape cap)? 2) For the new H1b application from new employer, do i need a photocopy of my old I-797 or the original...
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    H1b “transfer” from India without stamping/being on-site

    Hi, I am btech from India, never been to the US and have got I-797 approval starting from October 01, 2010. Say its march, 2011 now and my employer never got my stamping done from embassy and never sent me on-site. Few questions regarding this: 1) What if I switch my job in India and want...
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    GC Application: Does labor show immigration intent?

    Hi, I know that there are 3 stages in a greed card petition, labor, I-140 and I-485. I want to know if applying for the labor shows immigration intent or not? Which stage actually shows the immigration intent? I have a genuine US based employer and in EB2 category (did MS from US)...
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    H1b validity, transfer options after going back to india

    thanks ginnu. I understand that the h1 *transfer* cannot be initiated from india. But i also heard that sitting out of india, another sponsor (for whom i have never worked for) can apply for a *new* H1b for me, based on my previous H1 and the fact that on my previous h1, i was only present in...
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    H1b validity, transfer options after going back to india

    I have current h1b visa validity from 10/2009->09/2012. Say I return to India in 10/2010. 1. So if my current US based employer *revokes* my H1 once I leave for India, this does not cancel my H1b visa and its validity. If later on, sitting in India, I want to transfer h1b to another employer...
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    save tax on money sent to india

    Hello, I work in the US and visit india for abt. 1 month in a year. I send money to india to a normal savings account in SBI bank. The account has my parents and my name. Will I or my parents have to pay tax on the the money or the interest earned? Is it safe to keep a large amt. of money in...