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    I agree with JoeF I agree with JoeF. You are living in an environment where anyone has the right to sue anyone else for anything. There is no shortage of examples. Atleast as far as I am concerned, regardless of the outcome of such processes, it is just to free myself of any potential pain that...
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    Please reply as soon as possible

    Not that I know of Not that I know of. You should be getting the card(s) between ten days to two weeks' time if you are in the same address. It may be a different story if you have moved. Opinion seems to be divied on whether USPS will deliver GCs to forwarded addresses. Good luck...
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    13 Months and 5 Days..and..NO news

    Hang in there Hang in there. Easier said than done, but believe me, if you divert your attention to something like - taking a walk, visiting/ invite a friend and have a chat, play with kids (if you have kids) ... time would fly and you will be there. Good luck! Use the web-based inquiry to...
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    What to carry for PP

    Photographs You can carry the ADIT-stayle photographs (two per person) with you to save time, but make sure they conform with the requirements. If you are taking children along, keep some snacks handy, just in case. There is a cafeteria inside (FYI). I am not sure if any procedures changed...
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    question on PP stamping

    Yes, everybody I took my 7-yr old for stamping; Her fingerprint was taken and she was asked to print her name in the I-90 form. I suggest you take your son along (and something to munch for him, in case he gets restlessness due to the wait). Good luck. This is not legal advice.
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    I485 problem, Please help !!!

    3. If Beijing, China issued you the visa, I believe your response should be so. 4. When your spouse starts using the EAD, she will lose her H4 status immediately. There has been some discussions in this forum on what would happen to your H1 status when your spouse uses the EAD to work. I...
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    Quick question: is physical card triggered by PP stamping?....

    Reqd I believe it is true. My seven-year old was fingerprinted and actually asked to sign the I-89 form during passport stamping. To your earlier question, I believe INS needs the filled in I-89 form to process the cards. As I understand, forwarding of the I-89 form from the local INS office to...
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    Medical Exam, Fringer prints, what's the expiration date? 1 yr?

    12 months for Medical; 15 Months for FP I believe it is 12 months for medicals until you apply for I-485 and indefinite as long as the I-485 application is pending, and 15 months for FP. For info on Medical Examination, go to, click on Adjust. of Status -> Medical...
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    About Social Security, and Medicare Tax

    I agree with twilo2000 If the intent is to stay longer in the U.S , it is to your friend's benefit that the SS tax and medicare taxes are paid. The wordings that leads one to believe that an employer provides social security or medicare benefits look incorrect. I believe it is the government...
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    After GreenCard?

    Look for the thread I believe you need to look in 'life after green card' forum. There is atleast one useful thread that talks about what you need to do. Try searching on some keywords like SSN/ Social security/ I-9. As far as I can tell: 1. You need to re-apply for the social security...
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    Million $ Question

    What is the use? We can solicit a million opinions on this topic, but these would remain opinions and subjective interpretation of the law by each individual as they see it, based on their circumstances. The question is, is this all going to help while we all know that it is INS' interpretation...
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    Visa Stamping

    I agree with jbm You need to be more specific: Class of visa (Immigrant/ Non-immigrant) , Type of visa (H1-B/ F-1/ H4.. etc).
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    Where to refile again if the H1 Revalidation appl. refused and returned(DC/St.Louis)?

    DC or MO? If you satisfy all requirements for revalidation (like H1-B status being current, old visa in your passport is also the same as what you are applying for - in this case H1-B, old visa is not more than 365 days old, atleast six months of validity on your passport, supporting letter...
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    H4 visa

    Please be specific Can you be more specific? Are you looking for the forms that will help you apply for a H4 status or the documents required to get a H4-Visa at a consulate to travel to the U.S.? If it is the latter, you can go through the relevant consulate website. I don't know which...
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    Card Status

    same number It is the same telephone number that you always called to inquire upon the status of your I-485 application and the same EAC number (assuming you did). The message will change from 'This case is approved' to 'After approving your case, a card has been ordered... it will take 365 -...