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    If reform for illegals included, Let us say NO to reform

    No Amnesty by Law! Obelisk, thoroughly empathize with your BIL! This country is a country of Laws - like no other example in the world! The President of the USA was so publicly humiliated not so long ago! I have seen, experienced and felt the personal warmth & magnanimity of Americans...
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    Got magic e-mail/ Indian doctors' issues

    I got my Card Production Ordered e-mail today! Finally got GC, long overdue! Have spent so much time in this country that I could have gone to med school here as well! Thanks a lot for all your help! Hadron, posmd and others - I have benefitted from your posts from time-to-time! Of course...
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    If reform for illegals included, Let us say NO to reform

    Don't just vent, simply because you are anonymous! You have no evidence for these falsehoods - if you do, then report them! Anybody who breaks the Law will get found out! If Indians have broken any Laws - they will get caught! But, I do not see that happening! Maybe you were talking about...
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    If reform for illegals included, Let us say NO to reform

    Mark my words - we will both watch this go down! There will NEVER be an AMNESTY for those who did not follow the Laws, when they arrived in the USA! This country will NEVER EVER allow that - and SHOULD NOT! The politicians know it - that's why it is being kicked down the road all the time! If...
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    How long for a decision after SR opened for I-485?

    Congrats! Congrats - Jo Bole So Nihal! Your Imtihan is over! It has ended in your Jeet!
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    H1 7th year extension

    1. Talk to a good lawyer. 2. You can file a Labor Cert/ I-140 even for a prospective job. Then, file your H-1 extension. 3. You can possibly apply for an O-visa to continue your Fellowship. 4. But, must talk to a good lawyer - I would recommend Rajiv Khanna unhesitatingly, even though he is...
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    If reform for illegals included, Let us say NO to reform

    Like all retrogressed individuals, I have longed for meaningful reform that would have allowed me to get a GC over 3 years ago. But, proponents of illegal immigration, especially Senator Kennedy and the powerful Hispanic caucus have stalled any reforms for us - basically in a way saying, if...
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    H-1 B for Medical Residency in Jeopardy - as per CIR in senate

    Yes, that is true. IMGs will only be able to get J-1, go through waiver jobs, and then apply for GCs. Working for certain Federal Health Centers in waiver areas will qualify for only 2-yr required commitments. Also, physicians will probably be able to work on certain visas, other than...
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    kindly advice regarding h1 10days rule

    There should be no problem in entering the US a few days early when you have the H-1B petition approved. Have never heard of anybody with a valid reason/ Visa being stopped - coming a few days early is very, very logical
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    can I change my jobs

    Yes, he can do that. But, it has to be a similar job, and he will have to repeat the entire process again - get a new H1B, which should not be a big problem. Then he will have to re-file PERM - once he gets that approved he will get the old PD. I am assuming he is from a retrogressed...
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    Credentialing before signing the contract?

    july1375, This does not sound right. If you are in Primary care, there are hundreds of jobs out there. If you are looking for a Waiver job - we are actively looking for Primary Care at our CHCs in the third largest, and fastest growing region of AZ! Send me a PM if you or anybody wants more...
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    AMA-IMG Section and AMA House of Delegates passed a Resolution in June 2006! Through the efforts of a few docs from India, a Resolution was passed by the IMG Section of the AMA, and subsequently by the AMA House of Delegates in June 2006! This info is posted on the website of the AMA-IMG...
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    H1B with DOS

    Did you check the current processing dates at TSC? Did you check the current processing dates for J-1 processing at TSC? It might be helpful for a timeline picture, maybe. For a better picture, also ask your lawyer to check with either other lawyers or even with other contacts (they...
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    Job change after 3 yrs of waiver on H1 -- problem

    I have heard that switching or extensions on an approved H-1B Visa are cap exempt. You are already here, not applying for a brand new H-1B! You might want to do some 'Googling' yourself, also.
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    Employee-leading-to-partner contract

    Thanks for all your help!