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In God We Trust Oct 30, 2015

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Jul 17, 2018
    1. smart bebe
      smart bebe
      Hi Speedie, I would like to know the status you had before filing asylum because I was in the same posture but my petition was denied. I really want to know if I can fight for it.
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      2. Speedie
        smart bene
        I camenhere on a visitors visa and we were given 6 months. We apply for asylum after a month.
        Sep 7, 2016
    2. ALta
      Hi Speedie,
      Your case is 100% mine!
      I have applied the asylum and did interview in 2014 and i am still waiting for the answer! In meanwhile my wife won the DV, we have our interview on June 2nd, my wife doesn't work as i am the only one is working and i have an american son. My you please brief me with type of questions you have been asked by the IO! Do you have any advise for us? thank you very much for your time!
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      2. Speedie
        I'm sorry for not return I g to you on time. I was not on here for two weeks.
        The IO ask YES/NO questions on form I-485 and then he said he can't make a decision beaded on asylum pending status because he never deal with case like this before. That's what delay our case.
        Jun 2, 2016
      3. ALta
        That is wearied i had the interview today and the same questions we had but he clearly said it doesn't matter if we have a pending asylum case or not! They are totally 2 different cases!
        But in the same time he didn't give any kind of a decision and asked us to wait and get back to him if didn't hear from him within 30 days!
        Jun 2, 2016
    3. Speedie
      In God We Trust
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