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    FP tracker for CSC.. Any good sites?

    My RD is April 22, 2002 at CSC ANy body else has received the finger printing notice with the same RD dates?
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    Only Those Transferred To Arlington !!!!!****

    Does Arlington INS provide interim EAD? Anyone who has got the interim EAD from Arlington INS office? If yes should we pay a fees to get it. any information would be very helpful. thanks mitwaa
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    Any one who filed I140 in VSC(or any other service center) and AOS in CSC got iEAD immediately afte

    Mine is slightly different: 140 from VSC: Filed 485+EAD in CSC.. Mine is slightly different: 140 from VSC: Filed 485+EAD in CSC..But my home is still in VSC but the job is in CSC.. Where shd i go for iEAD? I have given my home address( attached to VSC) in the 485 and EAD application...
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    what does this message mean?

    Filed for 140 at california center using a substitute labor ( all california based) when i checked the automated message tracker, the message says that the case was transferred to Vermont service center. The company is california based and the job is based in california while i live right...
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    EAD Substitution

    Gurus, HAve a question for you. IS it possible to subsitute EAD from two companies which are filing 485? Explanation: I have filed 485 through company A... While 140 is pending through company B. Get EAD from Company A... and start using it. Seven to eight months later... 140...
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    SEcond 485 filing

    help please  
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    SEcond 485 filing

    I filed for 485 with company X .. they are bankrupt now. luckily i had started my green card throu another company Y. is it okay to file the second 485 since i know for sure that the first 485 would fail because i cannot get any letter etc at the time of the interview. Q1. if i have...
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    485 things to file : list

    Hi, I am filing 485 on my own. I just thought to confirm if i am on the right track. Please add to this list if u find anything missing. 1. Form I 485 for self and wife 2. Form G-325 A - Biographic Information for self and wife 3. Form 9003- Dept of Treasury - IRS for self and wife...
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    a peculiar 485 question...

    let me go over in detail I have a link below which talks about my first 485 filing... it seems very complicated and i have given hope on that. so i intent to continue my 140 filing thru another company and hope to file for 485 later on. the intent is to have and EAD right now.. thru the...
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    a peculiar 485 question...

    I wanted to know if one can file a second 485 through a different company when a 485 filing has been pending for over six months? the first filing - future job no more exists and so i may run a risk of denial down the line. as a back up i have filed labor and 140 through a different...
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    Finally MY GC Approved after an Interview in Sacramento.

    one more question.. pavanna When u filed for 485 .. what all documents did u submit? Did u submit a future letter of employment from ur GC sponsoring company ( which u had quit and joined xyz?) did u submit any proof saying that u are employed with xzy at the time u filed 485? did the...
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    Finally MY GC Approved after an Interview in Sacramento.

    hi pavana a question for u i think u worked for the sponsoring employee at some point in time? if so when did u leave them ? where were u working at the time of the interview? did they not ask u as to why u did not work for the sponsoring employee because... u could have made use of the...
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    Help needed

    my company got acquired after 140 approval. i guess i need to file an 140 amendment but then for the 485 filing i require a letter stating the employment details. i need desparate help here. what info should be included in the letter explaining an acquisition of the company? is it just...
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    amended 140 question

    how to file amended 140? is there a specific procedure to file amended 140?
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    amended 140 question

    is amended 140 filed only as a part of response to RFE OR can i file 140 on my own while filing 485?