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  • 4. In other way my husband is not willing to unlock our Ds-260 form because as he said ‘’as far as you have Bachelors degree/masters, it is not a big deal missing High school on the form you are qualified by your degree/masters.’’ What do you think?
    sorry dear Mom for writing to much questions
    Thank you for your support!
    Your husband is wrong. DV educational qualification is based on a HS degree, people do not qualify based on their higher/masters degree.
    Thank you mom but In this document that you refer to there is nothing about common assault!!
    I read the 23 pages and didn't see any mention of common assault. I am sorry if I am asking too much.
    Hi @Sm1smom
    My interview is scheduled 13/10 I would appreciate if you could send me any thing in the immigration law that says that common assault is not considered as an inadmissible crime. I need to show that to the immigration officer if they argue that they have to refuse my husband's visa because of that. I have been looking everywhere but can't find anything about common assault.
    Thanking you in advance.
    Hello I came to the US when I was 13 years went to school got my GED and other certificates. I had 5 children worked and paid taxes. Never got into trouble with the law but I decided to leave my job and return to my country after living there for 18 years. I've been out of the country for 7 years now and heard that I got a 10yrs ban. What do I need to do to reunite my family again?
    Hello Sm1smom, I need your help. My number is quite high 2016AF43K, but I don't know how it really works. I submitted my DS 260 on June 4th, and I haven'te received any second notification letter from KCC. Also, I'm planning on doing AOS, shoould I go ahead and pay the fees right now or should I wait till I receive the 2NL before to pay anything to KCC?

    ThanK You in advance.
    Please post your question(s) on the DV2016 AOS Thread in the forum.

    Im a US citizen, applied I-130 and its pending for my sister.
    She, her husband and two kids have B2 visa for the rest of the year.
    They want to come visit me in US from Ukraine (Crimea, I guess its Russia now).
    Is there chance that they would not be allowed to enter US? Or everything is fine?

    Thank you very much!
    Please post your questions in the applicable section of the forum.
    Hello Sm1smom,

    Hope you're doing well.

    I was a dv2015 selectee, but didn't make the final cutoff. I had filed ds260 in June 2014.

    I wanted to ask if there's any risk in traveling in October ( or beyond) since I've demonstrated immigration intent?

    Specifically, I have to travel to Europe for a few days for a conference. What would be the safest course of action in your opinion?
    Hey, I'm really sorry your CN never got to be current, how disappointing that must be.

    Admission or Readmission into the U.S. regardless of whether an immigrant intent has been demonstrated or not is always at the discretion of the CBP agent. Having said that, my guess is you should be okay as long as you already have a valid visa.
    Hey mom! Thanks to all of you at the forum, I was fully prepared of what might happen. Little disappointing yes, but having kept up-to-date with info from all of you and particularly Britsimon's data analysis helped me understand everything. Thanks for the response and best regards!
    I need your help
    I'm DV2015 Can i go to us and get back before getting GC.
    MY plan is to drop my family and get back later to US.
    No you don't. Please post all subsequent questions in the forum in order to benefit from other people's comments.
    Thanks alot for help.
    Today i had my interview and visa is approved for me and my wife. Thanks again
    Cool. Congratulations.
    Hello Sm1smom please in the absence of mu
    can I print this message I recieved from kcc
    and present it in place of my 2nl or I will still
    need it. Thank you for your inquiry.
    An interview for this case has been scheduled
    at the American Consulate/Embassy of Accra on
    July 08, 2015. You will receive a notification
    letter by email within the next 7-10 days, fr
    You can print it in addition to the 2NL which KCC stated in their response that you will be getting and should have received by now.
    I Won diversity visa(2015)and my number is around 8100, and I live in the US,I am a student with a F1 visa. so I should go through adjustment of status. base on the google doc that attached here I should fill out the DS260, but I hired a lawyer and she tell me you should fill out form I485, I do not know this form is correct or the thing that my lawyer says.i APPRECIATE IF SOMEONE ANSWER MY Q.
    Hi Sm1smom!
    I am currently on OPT Extention (expires on February 28th 2016)
    Lucky to win the DV, low case number for Asia (3XXX)
    I saw what you posted for DV winners 2014, should I go by that? any major changes in the process?
    Thank you so much for being awesome around here!
    There's a new DV 2016 AOS thread in the forum. If you're planning on processing AOS, I suggest you go through it and post subsequent questions on it.
    dear Sm1smon I'm from Sri Lanka. My CN is AS113xx, what about my interview chance?
    I'm sorry I have no idea, I mostly stay away from such predictions.
    Hi sm1smom, I was having a fiancée and because we were not married I did not include her in my lottery process so now am getting ready to marry her on the 13th of June before leaving for the state on 27th June.
    My question now is what other process or means can I go through for my wife to join me after I left?
    Also, how long will it take me bring her there?
    Thanks for your time.
    Please post your question in the forum rather than asking Susie, Simon and I the same question separately.
    Hi Simon i really need ur help here I have
    some question to ask, when i access
    the DS260 form its says this-
    "Before we can process your Diversity
    Visa application, each applicant in
    your case must complete Form
    DS-260, the Online Immigrant Visa
    and Alien Registration Application. To
    access the online form, click on the
    link to the right of an applicant's
    name below, under the "IV
    Application" heading." what does this
    mean? my form is not processed yet?
    my CN is 27*** should I be worried and what can I do about it?.
    Hi Simon, i need ur help and opinions.So on 02-10-2015 i had an interview for AOS, in USA.Ecerything was ok, IO at the end she sad, if i need something i'll let u know, and explained about green card, that it is ok for 10 years.And also she sad if u will not get an answer with in 5 weeks call to us.So, today is 02/18/2015 and i did not ger any answer from Immigration.Am i on AP or something wrong with me?
    I see that you are a guru in FAM manual.
    I am really worried about my photos.
    They were older than 6 months and a bit stretched .the kids have grown quite a bit. I had issues with internet during edv form submission and I only found out that I had used earlier photos after I had submitted the entry.
    is it worth the risk , what does the manual say?
    Do we have previous denials due to photos?
    Thank you for your respone on my confuse!
    Yes I think that Mixed the Background Check with AP!
    But the Background check affect the AP ,why not mixing them?
    Background check does not affect AP, background checks may lead to AP but it is not the only reason a person may end up in AP. So it makes no sense to mix up the two terms.
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