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Jun 15, 2012
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    1. Flori_ALB_NY
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      2. Sm1smom
        Also you need to make sure you've granted users permission to update the spreadsheet otherwise no one else outside of you will be able to update it.

        Just in the off-chance you haven't do so and have no idea on how to do that, please check the following link for sharing instructions:

        Oct 4, 2014
      3. Flori_ALB_NY
        The google shortener is great! Thanks a lot! I have already granted access for anyone to edit and input data to the spreadsheet. Can you give it a try?
        Oct 4, 2014
      4. Sm1smom
        I tried and I was able to update it. I made some suggestions regarding how you could possibly set up the spreadsheet. Take a look at sheet/tab 2 on the spreadsheet to see my suggestions. Feel free to use or go with whatever you prefer.
        Oct 4, 2014
    2. Yoyinah
      Hey mom. How do I send you a pm. Have a private question to ask.
      1. Sm1smom
        Sorry it's taken a while to respond back to you. I wasn't seeing my profile messages for a while until now. I'm guessing you're okay now or you want to send a PM? Let me know I initiate a PM with you.
        Sep 29, 2014
    3. Ms. Dada
      Ms. Dada
      @Sm1smom , I needed guidance regarding the Form I-134, Affidavit of Support. Is this the same form a sponsor is to fill ? Under what circumstance would one have to get a sponsor in the Dv cases ? and is it mandatory that a sponsor must be a U.S citizen /residing in U.S ?

      Also advise what documents a sponsor must provide for the selectee.

      Shall appreciate your advices.

      1. Sm1smom
        I'm guessing your questions regarding the I-134 have been satisfactorily answered in the forum, or do you still have some follow up questions? Sorry it has taken a while for me to respond, I was having technical difficulties accessing my profile messages.
        Sep 29, 2014
      2. Ms. Dada
        Ms. Dada
        @Sm1smom Yes, my questions were all satisfactorily answered. No follow up ones. I do understand you did not do that deliberately, appreciate you took the time to ask. Thank you.
        Sep 30, 2014
    4. hayabusa
      THANK YOU for the prompt reply.
    5. mercy8924
      Thanx but do not know how to send directly. I am using my phone a bit taking time to know the site. ...
    6. mercy8924
      Thanx for the answer. One more clarification on 43a after you say no,what do you fill forthe part which says 'do you want the security administration to assign you...

      Thanx much for the info

      God bless you for helping others.
    7. akelloh
      hy how is your dv drivin you brotha
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