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    1. Sammyblankson
      Hello Sm1smom please in the absence of mu
      can I print this message I recieved from kcc
      and present it in place of my 2nl or I will still
      need it. Thank you for your inquiry.
      An interview for this case has been scheduled
      at the American Consulate/Embassy of Accra on
      July 08, 2015. You will receive a notification
      letter by email within the next 7-10 days, fr
      1. Sm1smom
        You can print it in addition to the 2NL which KCC stated in their response that you will be getting and should have received by now.
        Jul 4, 2015
    2. boyrt
      I Won diversity visa(2015)and my number is around 8100, and I live in the US,I am a student with a F1 visa. so I should go through adjustment of status. base on the google doc that attached here I should fill out the DS260, but I hired a lawyer and she tell me you should fill out form I485, I do not know this form is correct or the thing that my lawyer says.i APPRECIATE IF SOMEONE ANSWER MY Q.
      1. Sm1smom
        May 31, 2015
    3. FromTheDesert
      Hi Sm1smom!
      I am currently on OPT Extention (expires on February 28th 2016)
      Lucky to win the DV, low case number for Asia (3XXX)
      I saw what you posted for DV winners 2014, should I go by that? any major changes in the process?
      Thank you so much for being awesome around here!
      1. Sm1smom
        There's a new DV 2016 AOS thread in the forum. If you're planning on processing AOS, I suggest you go through it and post subsequent questions on it.
        May 23, 2015
    4. Pratheep Prabus
      Pratheep Prabus
      dear Sm1smon I'm from Sri Lanka. My CN is AS113xx, what about my interview chance?
      1. Sm1smom
        I'm sorry I have no idea, I mostly stay away from such predictions.
        May 12, 2015
    5. kwamedv
      Hi sm1smom, I was having a fiancée and because we were not married I did not include her in my lottery process so now am getting ready to marry her on the 13th of June before leaving for the state on 27th June.
      My question now is what other process or means can I go through for my wife to join me after I left?
      Also, how long will it take me bring her there?
      Thanks for your time.
      1. Sm1smom
        Please post your question in the forum rather than asking Susie, Simon and I the same question separately.
        May 7, 2015
    6. the251
      Hi Simon i really need ur help here I have
      some question to ask, when i access
      the DS260 form its says this-
    7. the251
      "Before we can process your Diversity
      Visa application, each applicant in
      your case must complete Form
      DS-260, the Online Immigrant Visa
      and Alien Registration Application. To
      access the online form, click on the
      link to the right of an applicant's
      name below, under the "IV
      Application" heading." what does this
      mean? my form is not processed yet?
      my CN is 27*** should I be worried and what can I do about it?.
    8. Dastan.
      Hi Simon, i need ur help and opinions.So on 02-10-2015 i had an interview for AOS, in USA.Ecerything was ok, IO at the end she sad, if i need something i'll let u know, and explained about green card, that it is ok for 10 years.And also she sad if u will not get an answer with in 5 weeks call to us.So, today is 02/18/2015 and i did not ger any answer from Immigration.Am i on AP or something wrong with me?
    9. usken go
      usken go
      I see that you are a guru in FAM manual.
      I am really worried about my photos.
      They were older than 6 months and a bit stretched .the kids have grown quite a bit. I had issues with internet during edv form submission and I only found out that I had used earlier photos after I had submitted the entry.
      is it worth the risk , what does the manual say?
      Do we have previous denials due to photos?
    10. utopia
      Thank you for your respone on my confuse!
      Yes I think that Mixed the Background Check with AP!
      But the Background check affect the AP ,why not mixing them?
      1. Sm1smom
        Background check does not affect AP, background checks may lead to AP but it is not the only reason a person may end up in AP. So it makes no sense to mix up the two terms.
        Dec 18, 2014
    11. kakjose
      Good Morning mom, Sent you an email.
    12. Roserose
      Thank you very much Mom, advise taken
      1. Sm1smom likes this.
    13. Roserose
      Hi Mom. While filling the ds260, we unfortunately failed to mention that my hubby's job after college was that of a teacher for about three years before he went to the US for further education. Our cn is afxxx23xxx and though we have just realized our blunder, i wonder if it isnt too late to unlock the ds. I am the principle. Whats your advice?
      1. Sm1smom
        Sorry for the delayed response, just coming across this. To answer your question, I don't think that's a costly mistake especially since your husband is not the principal applicant, I wouldn't unlock the DS form for that if I was in your position. However, when you show up for the interview, you can inform the CO about the omission and ask if you could update the information before signing the form.
        Dec 9, 2014
    14. meseoglu
      Hi SM1SMOM

      I.am.2015 green card winner from europe my case number around eu33××× i had a already social security number I.been living in usa 2 years I worked 1 year during of that time, also I used my ssn (I.worked wwithout authorized), but I don't work anymore I.am just going school, I had a student visa until 2017 so MY CORCERN IS DOES THIS SITUATION AFFECT ME WHEN I AM IN VISA INTERWIEW
      1. Sm1smom
        Check your mail box
        Nov 19, 2014
    15. hakim66
      Hey Sm1smom
      could you please answer my emailto you via gmail

      thank you very much
      1. Sm1smom
        Response sent.
        Nov 14, 2014
    16. benzpattt
      hae guys i came to realize that my mums names in my birth cert have a problem when even applying my passport thy did not notice what should i do the names are wangombe but the real name there is no b what should i do advise can this affect my interviews
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      2. benzpattt
        Sm1smom but on my ds-260 i filled the correct names
        Nov 14, 2014
      3. Sm1smom
        In that case, leave the firm as it is. The spelling error can always be explained at the time of your interview. Your mom is not a beneficiary, they wouldn't be paying too much attention to such an error in this case.
        Nov 14, 2014
      4. benzpattt
        thankx vry much i thought it will affect my interviews thankx alot again for ur help wanted to replace my birth cert but with ths i wont
        Nov 17, 2014
    17. Diwas
      Dear Mom,
      I have my friend with CN of early AS56XX he is also from Nepal and he is insisting me to ask u when he will be current and when will he receive his 2NL. We will really be thankful to you for your comment on this.
      1. Sm1smom
        Your friend is likely to become current same time as you, 2NL could be received February/March.

        Meanwhile, if you have any other question, just post them in the forum instead of writing on my wall and that of BritSimon asking us both the exact same question!
        Oct 16, 2014
    18. Diwas
      Hi Mom ,
      My case no is early AS57XX and I am from Nepal,Asia and a winner of DV 2015. When shall receive my second letter and when will my interview be scheduled. Further, i will really be obliged if you tell me the cut off for Nepal (Just approximate) this time.

      1. Sm1smom
        Your CN is likely to become current April/May 2015. As for the Nepal cut-off number for DV 2016, I have no idea.
        Oct 15, 2014
      2. Diwas
        Oct 16, 2014
    19. kakjose
      Hi mom how do u send a pm
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      2. kakjose
        mom am waiting for yo response, i want you to look at the doc i have composed before i send to those guys
        Oct 15, 2014
      3. Sm1smom
        Okay email me at sm1smm555@gmail.com
        Oct 15, 2014
      4. kakjose
        Thx. Sending in a bit.
        Oct 16, 2014
    20. sad-fx
      my case : 2015as000013XX , should i stay waiting as you told me or i most contact KCC ? :(
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