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Jul 18, 2018 at 8:08 PM
    1. Derit
      Pls can i change my email address
    2. liberalguy
      I read your posts in my thread regarding my wife's green card fraud. I want her to abandon her green card as she recieved it through misrepresentation.its going to haunt her and it'll be a big mess. misrepresentation of facts in her green card will have a negative impact on my canadian file for sponsorship. She is not willing to abandon the green card and I would like her to abandon it. contact USCIS for help?
    3. surya lamichhane
      surya lamichhane
      Hi I would be very delighted if you could help me providing information regarding J-1 visa and the status adjustment. I will be travelling to USA with J-1 visa as a postdoctoral fellow and am a bit confused if I have to loose my DV just because I am in J-1.
    4. Serenamanely
      I have applied for J1 2 years residency based on no objection letter. Dos has sent favorable recommendation to Vermont USCIS center(VSC) on May,8, 2015 but I haven't received anything of this center. Yesterday I had interview about green card and the officer said I can file I-612 form but this form is not for no objection process. Please give me advice, I just have 87 days to submit proof. Thank you very much.
    5. Fbbb
      Fbbb Hi sm1smom. I had my dv interview on dec 1st, everything went well during interview at last the CO asked my if I'm married, I said yes but after I submitted the DV, then she give me the administrative processing form and said they will call me in 8weeks. They didn't give me my passport and other documents either. Any help please!
    6. Fbbb
      How I can login and see if they put me on AP because of my married.
    7. Fbbb
      Hi sm1smom. I'm had my dv interview on dec 1st, everything went well during interview at last the CO asked my if I'm married, I said yes but after I submitted the DV, then she give me the administrative processing form and said they will call me in 8weeks. They didn't give me my passport and other documents either. Any help please!
      1. Sm1smom
        Please post your question in the forum
        Dec 15, 2015
    8. Americandreamergirl
      Hi Some1smom , I just have small question, I recently entered the dv lottery and I know I shouldn't be worried about it as it's not a done deal that I will get selected, but I am actually planning on going to the US next year on a Q1 visa and was wondering if my being already there may be a bit of a problem or if I can even do the interviews there?? I just want to be a lil more informed about that
    9. kinja michael
      kinja michael
      Hae am. Mike. And I applied the 2017 lottery am asking how much do a person pay including the visa fee and every expense and then do one pay the fare for themselves and if yes how much. Is it
    10. Americandreamergirl
      Hello, i am very new to this , i was just wondering how i can post questions to the forum about the dv lottery cause i dont see where i can..i know i can reply to peoples post and all , but to post my own question or something... Please help??? Thank you
      1. Sm1smom
        There should be a link at the top of the forum that says 'Start New Thread'. Otherwise you can also find a similar Thread and post your question on it.
        Oct 18, 2015
      2. Americandreamergirl
        Thank you will go try
        Oct 20, 2015
    11. lucky person
      lucky person
      Dear Mom, my Ds form is now unlocked to add my high school but I am confused.
      I finish my high school in two places, from 9-10 grade in one place and from 11-12 in other place So, how to file under the area where it says ‘degree, diploma or certificate” in two high school places (9-10th and 11- 12th grade)?
    12. lucky person
      lucky person
      .I am from Ethiopia, both 10th and 12th grade papers says certificate but in the forum I saw high school course completion called to be high school diploma
      Thank you!!
    13. lucky person
      lucky person
      Thank you very much Mom
    14. lucky person
      lucky person
      Hi Mam, I need your advice please: I am stressed.
      I sent the Ds 260 form on June 20, 2015. I have masters. When I field the Ds 260 form I think, I did a mistake on
      a) The number of educational institutions. I field only my degree & my masters, I miss high school. &
      b) On highest level of education I choose University degree on the Ds-260 (but have master’s degree which I field on the original entry). So
      1. Sm1smom
        Emily gave you accurate response in the forum already.
        A- HS information is required, unlock your DS form and make the correction.
        B - make the correction
        Sep 10, 2015
    15. lucky person
      lucky person
      How much it affects my process?

      1. My case number is 2016AF00025xxx, so if I unlock the Ds-260 form, will It affect my interview (day)??
      2. Am late to Unlock Ds-260??
      3. If I unlock the Ds-260 form, need to write to KCC the detail problems which should be corrected
      1. Sm1smom
        Your CN is mid range, you have enough time to unlock and correct before it gets current.
        Just ask KCC to unlock the form, no need for details or explanation.
        Sep 10, 2015
    16. lucky person
      lucky person
      4. In other way my husband is not willing to unlock our Ds-260 form because as he said ‘’as far as you have Bachelors degree/masters, it is not a big deal missing High school on the form you are qualified by your degree/masters.’’ What do you think?
      sorry dear Mom for writing to much questions
      Thank you for your support!
      1. Sm1smom
        Your husband is wrong. DV educational qualification is based on a HS degree, people do not qualify based on their higher/masters degree.
        Sep 10, 2015
    17. Dalia2015
      Thank you mom but In this document that you refer to there is nothing about common assault!!
      I read the 23 pages and didn't see any mention of common assault. I am sorry if I am asking too much.
    18. Dalia2015
      Hi @Sm1smom
      My interview is scheduled 13/10 I would appreciate if you could send me any thing in the immigration law that says that common assault is not considered as an inadmissible crime. I need to show that to the immigration officer if they argue that they have to refuse my husband's visa because of that. I have been looking everywhere but can't find anything about common assault.
      Thanking you in advance.
      1. Sm1smom
        Aug 26, 2015
    19. candi69
      Hello I came to the US when I was 13 years went to school got my GED and other certificates. I had 5 children worked and paid taxes. Never got into trouble with the law but I decided to leave my job and return to my country after living there for 18 years. I've been out of the country for 7 years now and heard that I got a 10yrs ban. What do I need to do to reunite my family again?
    20. smart bebe
      smart bebe
      Hello Sm1smom, I need your help. My number is quite high 2016AF43K, but I don't know how it really works. I submitted my DS 260 on June 4th, and I haven'te received any second notification letter from KCC. Also, I'm planning on doing AOS, shoould I go ahead and pay the fees right now or should I wait till I receive the 2NL before to pay anything to KCC?

      ThanK You in advance.
      1. Sm1smom
        Please post your question(s) on the DV2016 AOS Thread in the forum.
        Aug 10, 2015
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