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  • Interview at local office: San Francisco
    Well. I went to my interview this morning 7:30 am. They actually started processing at 7:20. Interview 7:40~8:00am. By 9am I was in school.

    I had a dismissed resisting arrest from 2004 and that was the only touchy issue, specially because the officer was former law enforcement. He just lectured me about not arguing after you have been placed under arrest and I agreed 100%.

    He was kind of tough about the whole interview, but not rude. Just what you'll expect from a veteran police officer investigating a crime, a scene straight out of Law & Order.

    Asked me about 3 times on a row if I have ever left the country (since 91). About the asylum case he just commented he guessed they interviewed me enough about it before.

    I was hoping for a resolution right there but he gave me the standard sheet stating 'further review', but before that he explained that he would take care of the application when he got time to do it. I understood that only processing was left and no really further review, but with the 'horror' stories you read in this forums you never now. I asked as politely as I could right before leaving about how long would it take and of course he answered 'I get to it when I get to it'. He gave me back passport and EAD, just kept i-94s and commented early on that I didn't needed them anymore since I was getting a green card (another good sign).

    I left hoping for a resolution this week, but dreading waiting weeks or months. I didn't get any emails updating LUDs at school so I assumed he didn't do it today. Came home after school, watched the debate and finally fired up the pc and checked USCIS. It was updated!!!


    Current Status: Card production ordered.

    On October 15, 2008, we ordered production of your new card. Please allow 30 days for your card to be mailed to you."

    What happened to the 'WELCOME TO THE US' email? Kind of anti-climatic after 17 years in the exile/asylum twilight zone, but I guess this is it!

    I'm to mentally drained to uncork the bubbly I had ready in the fridge. I guess I'll wait till I got the actual card in my hands, just to be on the safe side. I'll just have a few beers and sleep like a baby!
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