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    Filed Criminal case against husband in home country.Is there anyway I can report to USCIS about that

    Hmm... I believe your home country is India, in such a case, a good lawyer will be able to get your ex out of trouble in US because Indian laws falls foul of due process (and its own constitution) when it comes cases such a these.
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    Jim, Gurus - Birth Certificate, Passport DOB don't match!

    Fortunately for India, chai-pani does not *always* work in cases of birth/death certificates etc. I would advise people to consult with their attorneys on how to resolve the issue. Maybe you can file for a correction (however such a correction will be noted in the certificate)
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    Recording available for April 23 conference call

    Wretched Labor substition Hi Rajiv, While I understand that Labor substitution is no longer allowed, its effects still linger on (and on and on) for people who were shortchanged by this practice. My question is what aspects of the law allowed labor substitution? Even before the rules were...
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    Immigration Voice a Failure Movement

    You seem to touch upon one of my pet peeves. IV is not as powerful as you think, or as they project themselves to be. Look around, there are various organizations that haven't been able to push through legislations. While IV takes credit for some of the administrative relief and such, there are...
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    Immigration Voice a Failure Movement

    IV fights, but not every fight can be won; How they spend money is between them and the people who donate. Your post is not without merit, but neither does it respect a lot of merit. However I have to agree that IV is no longer a voice of all immigrants, it is soon becoming the voice of rich...
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    September 18, 2008 Conf Call - Recording Available for Download

    H4 incorrectly denied, what are my options. Dear Rajiv, Thanks again for the wonderful service, time and again I am very indebted to this service which serves as a lifeline to most of us immigrants. I had recently applied for an H1 and H4 extension. Even though I have maintained my...
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    All of JoeF's replies seem to have vanished...

    Thanks. Too bad though, because both of them (among others) were this portal's gems.
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    Sept 4 2008 - Recording available

    Dear Rajiv-sir, Thanks for the selfless service you have been providing to the community. Can I embroil you into a controversial (at least for some) topic. I would like to get your views on the visa-spill over rules. As per the relevant sections (as displayed in every visa...
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    Is is possible to claim social security and medicare tax back?

    No. India doesn't yet have a bilateral agreement. Though some news agencies seem to say that it is in the works.
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    All of JoeF's replies seem to have vanished...

    Any idea why so??
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    Would you do it again?

    akela, you are not the only one to feel so. While I dont have IIT or MBA credentials, I have been waiting over 8 years myself (and still waiting). I chose the line of work I wanted to do, it is a rarefied field, but not with a lot of promise (small segment, limited growth, people you see today...
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    EB3 to EB2

    Try porting to EB1.. it is usually current all the times. Seriously though, Dec2004 is current for EB2 isn't it? If you application RD/ND is beyond the processing time frame reported by USCIS, you should initiate a query to USCIS, they may have missed the fact about your older priority date...
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    Making sense of spill-over utilization

    Hi Gurus, I know this is probably going to be contentious issue. But, I am trying to get a good reading of how spill over works. Per visa bulletin So for EB3, the text says "any number not required by first and second preferences". I take it to mean that EB3 and EB3 should...
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    Is is possible to claim social security and medicare tax back?

    Hmm.. not exactly. You can earn 4 credits per year, but each credit is earned based on what you earn. For 2008 every 1050 earned gains you 1 credit point. So if you are in IT and on H1, you pretty much get all your credits within the first month or two of the year. Also, the bilateral...
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    Is is possible to claim social security and medicare tax back?

    No refunds, but if your home country has a bilateral agreement with USA then you will get the retirement benefits when you retire in that country.