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  • Well, when u applied in October, it was during the winter and most european embassies are very slow during the winter months.
    Its almost summer and this is when they have a large influx of visa applications. I didnt apply at the LA consulate but when i applied at the Consulate in Chicagoin June, i waited almost 3 wk to get my passport back. Like i said, it took them 2 wks to send me an e-mail that my application envelope has been opened and like 2 days later, i got a e-mail that my visa has been mailed back to me with my original documents.
    The bad thing about the UK embassy is that there is no way that u can contact them directly. so, all u can do is wait.
    if u had a tracking # on the package, u shoul know by now whether the package got to the embassy or not.
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