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    are you in vancouver?

    will be there sometime in first week of august...
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    indian female roommate or studio or indian family sublet in BC

    send me an email. thanks sangeeta
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    are you in vancouver?

    hi, would be nice to make some new friends and hear from you. thanks sangeeta
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    Car Export - US Customs - Blaine Port

    hi, tried calling the customs line but no one is ever available to answer questions on the procedure/documentation :( if any of you have any information, please advise. I understand US Customs needs the documentation 72 hours in advance. If you have done this before, please share the...
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    Canadian PR and business visa to US

    hi, i am going to move to canada this august, however my current company would like me to come in on short business trips to the US, is this feasible or is going to be a problem? Please let me know if any of you had any such experience ..and the dos and donts ... thanks very much,
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    Need Temporary accomodation in Vancouver - Aug 5 to 15

    hey thanks.. just sent an email, hopefully it will be available. do you reside in vancouver too? -sangeeta
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    Moving to Vancouver soon

    hey thanks... how long is the commute from burnaby or surrey to downtown ?
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    Moving to Vancouver soon

    hi, glad to find this site ... am new to the forum. I will be moving to Vancouver in August. Can you guys tell me if there are places to avoid , and which would be a good comfortable affordable location to live: if you could run down the major areas like west side, east side...