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    GC to Citizenship

    I think you mean 2.5 YEARS, Jack.
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    GC to Citizenship

    Don't they fear losing their green card with that kind of travel behavior?
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    What happens after the finger prints?

    From your point of view, what happens next is: you wait for an interview letter in the mail. It will take several weeks, in my case it was almost 2 months.
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    Photo on Naturalization Certificate

    The passport pictures that you sent with the N-400.
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    How long to receive Oath letter?

    Well, there aren't many recent cases listed at this site, but everyone there shows same day oath or oath within 2 weeks of interview in Portland. Unlesss... you wouldn't happen to be user 'uzvisitor', would you? See link below: A visit to your DO before the holidays might be a...
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    Is it possible to have triple citizenship?

    Yes, it is possible. Just ask Triple Citizen! :)
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    How long it would take after the FP to be scheduled for interview?
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    Driver's License & SSN after oath & wait?

    You should have checked the forums here, you would have learned that there's no use rushing to the SSA office for at least 2 weeks.
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    Why Atlanta is so slow............ ????

    Other people a month ahead of you still do not have an interview scheduled. (Like our friend Grashoppr) Keep waiting! 5 months is a meaningless number. Check it out:
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    You're entitled to sue USCIS with a "1447(b)" lawsuit if they fail to make a decision within 120 days after your interview. One year, even 6 months, of waiting is unacceptable without them giving you a straight answer. Just my opinion; others here are much more knowledgable about the 1447(b)...
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    Why did you not follow up with USCIS 4 to 5 months after your original 2010 interview?
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    What is this thing about address change?

    No, you don't have to report it. Many college students use their parents address as their "permanent" address when they are at college. You should still use your parent's address to receive USCIS mail, it's probably more reliable that dorm mail anyway!
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    Drugs and naturalization

    Why do you need a lawyer? If you're determined to answer YES on the N-400, then just answer YES and attach a sheet with a short explanation. I'm sure the IO will not give it a second thought during the interview since you were never arrested.
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    Interview Check-List

    Yes, someone surely has, it's a Sticky at the top of this forum: Use your best judgement to determine which of those 22 items is really needed for your situation.
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    Communist Party membership: question on N-400

    You did the right thing in answering YES. You could attach a separate sheet with the explanation, it will not hurt anything. You will be allowed to explain at the interview, also.