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    I-130 'General' RFE?

    i have received same kind of letter after i upgraded my wifes i-130 .they send me the same blue ref letter i have replied with sending all the papers they wanted ( even thoug they didn't specify anything) after that they send me another email saying they received my papers and will get back to...
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    I130 Petition California - Why Proof Req Again?

    Hi same thing has happend to me and the have sent a ref letter asking for more evidence from CSC. where my case was transfered on june 05 .i did sent all the papers they wanted and received a notice after they have received it .
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    I-130 transferred to CA but I live in NJ!!

    hi everyone i received the same kind of notice after i have updated my spouses I 130 .the 2nd notice saying it may take 990-999 days to process did freak me out .any commens please post rittwalfh
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    Anyone has an I-130 pending at California Service Center??

    yes i also have noticed that .no progress what so evere in last couple a mont any suggestion or comments please post rittwalfh
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    I-130 approved .....

    would u let us know which service center u filed the I-130 at .thanks
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    now a us citizen

    Hi u all i have just become a us citizen yesterday .my Do is west palm beach Florida my Pd:Sept 03,Fp:oct 03,interviewed NOv 04,2nd Fp feb 05,received oath letter on April 05,Us citizen on 22nd April 05 .thanks to all of your support specially Rahul.Good luck to u all Rittwalfh
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    Decision Could Not Be Made At This Time

    Hi u all i been through waht u all are going through now i had a successful n-400 interview done on nov 04 and ws told it will take 20 days to get a oath letter but nothing showed up for 3 months and i got a 2nd Fp notice and after 40 days of that finally i got the oath letter so what i think...
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    Decision Could Not Be Made At This Time

    well Dood u might ask that to your fp officer when he/she is taking your 2nd fp they might be able to answer this dumb question.rittwalfh
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    Any News abouth OATH in MIAMI ???

    i got mine today but for april 22nd in miami .was ine=terviewed on nov 04 well all is well that ends well good luck to u all rittwalfh.wpb
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    Decision Could Not Be Made At This Time

    keep an eye for the 2nd fp notice if u dont get it contact your do rittwalfh
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    Decision Could Not Be Made At This Time

    time of oath from interview Dear Orlfa i had my interview on nov 04 @ west palm do and had a mark on congratulation on the form ( forgot the no) .after that i went to do twice and the same answer is file is being reviewed by superviser.finally i received the re-fp notice as original f-p expired...
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    Has Anyone Received An Oath Letter In MIAMI??

    waiting for oath i am from west palm beach got interviewed on nov 04 everything is ok .but still waiting for oath .got a refinger print notice on feb 05 .just 90 days from my date of interview .went to do several times .they dont say much .any comments please post
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    Please Help

    how long does it take from iv to get oath letter.please help,
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    Please Help

    I Am From West Palm Beach Florida, Had My Interview Done In Nov 04 And Was Given N-652 Stating Application Has Been Recommended For Approval .after 1 And 1/2 Month Of Waiting Went To Do (west Palm) And Was Told My Application Is Being Re-evaluated .did Not Understand What That Means .io Also...
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    Confused-live in Miami-N-400 sent to Texas

    it does take about one and half years now from receipt date to oath mine is on sept 03 application approved on nov 04 but still waiting for oath