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  • Once you are approved, you must move to Singapore within one year of your application.
    You must be highly skilled, meaning you must have earned a university level degree from a qualifying educational institution
    Note: This scheme has been temporarily suspended as of 30 June 2011 pending an internal review by the Singapore government.
    My interview was successful and I was hired. But I still need to get back to the Philippines to finish my remaining time previous employer.
    I want to share with you my experience and the lessons that I've learned during one of the lowest times of my life.
    Thinking of how to get past the immigration gate without any problems, I faced the same problems as the other Filipinos did.
    It's always a hassle when you're going out of the Philippines, especially if you want to find work outside the country.
    Migration experts in Singapore can use their knowledge and experience in these departments to ease the process and take a load off
    They have to look at confront and say, "I could do that." It might even assist if they are a little megalomaniacal about their thinking;
    Here are some personality traits of a highly effective independent consultant in Singapore.
    They provide the highest quality of service and utmost level of support to their clients.
    Their firm provides comprehensive immigration representation to clients located throughout Singapore and the world.
    For people who find this hard many Singapore consultants are there to solve all the problems without any problem.
    There are many people who are trying for immigration to Singapore and they find the process a bit hard and many of cannot do it further.
    Our aim is to build a lifetime relationship with you by ensuring that you receive the highest quality service each you interact with us.
    Singapore-based corporate services firm that can be your one-stop partner for starting and operating a business in Singapore.
    The deadline to file corporate tax for YA2010 is end Nov 2010 BUT the deadline to file ECI is remains at 15 April 2010,
    (i) For Singaporeans Residing in Singapore Ways to apply for/renew your Singapore passport: by Post/Deposit Box
    Aapplication form to ICA by post or drop completed application form in the Deposit Boxes situated on Levels 1, 2 or 3 of ICA Building)
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