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    Recording Available, January 26, 2017 Community Conference Call with Attorney Rajiv S. Khanna

    Hello, I have a question for my Wife's I-140 : She has I-140 Approved from Company A in Oct 2015 and She left Company A in Dec 2015. They have not revoked the I-140. She joined Company B and not sure if Company B is willing to port the I-140 Can she use the Existing Approved I-140 from...
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    Recording Available, June 02, 2016 Community Conference Call with Attorney Rajiv S. Khanna

    Question on H1B Amendment : I recently moved from Phoenix to Raleigh and filed a H1B Amendment through my current employer and working at a new client site in Raleigh.Right Now I am in Raleigh, NC and my H1B relocation amendment is pending. if I move project to Charlotte, NC, do I still need to...
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    Recording Available, June 02, 2016 Community Conference Call with Attorney Rajiv S. Khanna

    I have questions on the EB-5 investment Green card process : 1. Do we need to have $500k in cash or can we also take a loan to file GC in EB-5 Investment category ? 2. if we are allowed to take loan, do i need to put any collaterals against it and can it be from anywhere in the world ? 3. If...
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    April 30, Community Conference Call with Attorney Rajiv S. Khanna, Recording Available

    HI Rajiv, I have a 2008 priority date and My I-140 was declined in Eb2 in September 2008. I applied a fresh Perm in 2011 and now I-140 is Approved. I was just wondering if we can do an amendment with the 2008 priority date ? if so, What is the procedure to proceed.
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    Conference Call on Nov 18 - Recording available for download

    Questions about my OPT renewal and H1B stamping for my fiance Hi Rajiv, I am an OPT student. My OPT will expire on April 29 2011. I need to apply for OPT extension. Can I travel to India while My OPT extension is pending? If my OPT extension gets rejected what are the other options to...
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    Recording available for download for Jan 21 Conference Call

    Hello: I came to USA in Aug 2004 on F1 Visa. Graduated in Dec 2006. Applied H1B in April 2007 Quota and it got denied(Unable to provide End Client letter). At that time i was on OPT. My OPT was valid till Dec 17th 2007. To maintain legal status and to work, Just before my OPT ended I registered...
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    Recording available for Oct 22 Conference Call

    Hello: My H1 got approved october 16th of this yr. I am an F1 to H1 change of status. If i want to go for stamping Can i go to a country like bahamas or do i have to go to india compulsorily? My other question is, do i have to immediately change my payrole from my old company to the h1...
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    RECORDING available for download for July 31 Conference Call

    Hello, i came to USA in August 2004 on F-1 visa, graduated in Dec 2006...was on OPT from Dec 2006 to Dec 2007...In the meantime an indian consulting company applied H1B in the April 2007 Quota and it got denied. To remain in legal status , a few days before my OPT ends i transfered my I-20...
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    Recording available for June 4 Conference Call

    Hi, my H1b was denied in 2007...i applied again now through another company and received an RFE saying "our records indicate that the beneficiary was denied h1B status before" and requested for previous denial documentation...I do not have any information regarding that denial including the...
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    Recording now available for download for March 5 Conference Call

    Questions about Applying for H1B Hi, I came on F-1 visa in August 2004. Graduated in December 2006.I was on OPT from Dec 2006 to Dec 2007. Applied H1 during April 2007 and due to some reason it got denied so i continued to work on OPT till December 2007. To stay in valid status i took...
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    Conference Call on Dec 11, 2008, Recording is now available for download

    Hello Rajiv: I have filed my GC from company A and received AP and EAD last year. I have been with them on H1 for 2 and half yrs. Now I have transferred my H1 to company B. Do I have to do anything in regards to GC process - like does Company B have to file AC21, etc? Please advice...
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    Conference Call on Oct 30, Recording now AVAILABLE

    Hi Rajiv, I am currently on H1B visa. My 3 years on H1 have expired so my employer has filed for 3 year extension. I have an approved I-140 as well as EAD card. Can you please advise on the following: 1. Can I transfer my H1 to another employer as I have a pending 485 from my current...
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    Conference Call on August 7, Recording Available for download

    Hi Rajeev, This is Reddy here...I came on F-1 visa in August 2004, graduated in December 2006 and started working since then on OPT. My employer applied H1B in April 2007, it got denied due to some reason and we appealed for it and it got denied again and the reason for denial again was...