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    Wo-hooooooo !!!

    I agree with you on this point. The irony in my case is that though I was born in India along with her billion people, We migrated when I was 3, and I grew up in and carry the passport of a country with fewer than a million people. Furthermore, my wife from India, had a Priority Date which was...
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    Wo-hooooooo !!!

    Congrats. Hadron. Your help has been invaluable to so many of us. If I'd never visited this forum, I might still have been waiting. My lawyer in 2002 gave me some very bad advise. We also got our 485s approved last month after 4 1/2 yrs at the 485 stage. I completed my NIW last July, and it...
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    NIW 140 is approved: Am I eligible to apply for EAD and AP ?

    Sorry, I missed that in your original post. Of course you can apply for EAD/AP anytime. On whether you can use them before the 3 yrs, I would say avoid that, since the law explicitly states you must do your waiver in H1b status. After that, you can pretty much use your EAD for any NIW commitment...
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    Thanks hadron, posmd and vidyaram

    Good for you. One warrior who the USCIS could not hold back! Congrats.
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    NIW 140 is approved: Am I eligible to apply for EAD and AP ?

    Sorry my friend but you are a long way away from being able to apply for 485 and therefore EAD/AP. EB2 India is now at Feb 2004, with literally tens of thousands of people ahead of you. Having said that with the erratic ways of the USCIS, you can never tell. Sometimes to "use up" the annual...
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    EAD v/s H1b transfer ...hadron and rest of the gurus pl help

    This is one of those gray areas in the law. If you are looking for a definitive answer, I doubt anyone can give you one. Eventually this is going to need to be straightened out by a memo or will perhaps end up in litigation, of course the best case scenario is that they just keep approving cases...
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    The filp side

    "the allegations were not strong enough to build the grounds for termination with a cause" Not responding to nurses calls? Not accepting patient admissions/transfers presumably when on call? Wouldn't these sort of actions get him thrown off of medical staff? If that were to happen wouldn't...
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    Got greened!

    Great News. Congrats. I wish the best for the rest of us sufferers as well. Completing NIW requirements and waiting is surely a unintended oversight in US immigration law. Wonderful that you have seen light at the end of this messed up physician US immigration tunnel.
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    Anesthesiology Resident on J1

    No way to get around the state Dep't of health for the State 30 programs for waivers. You could keep checking each year until you are done since the area has to be HPSA/MUA when you file for a waiver and the state Dep't has to write the support letter then, not now. O1 is an option, but as...
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    NIW and PERM

    You can file the new 485. However the question is....... Should you? Multiple 485s have caused confusion in the past and the USCIS has in the past asked you to withdraw one. Another consideration is to file CP on the basis of your PERM based 140, and just leave it up to fate to decide which...
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    For Hardon and other Gurus

    I am a little unclear about how you got your H1b approved without the I612 approval. You might want to check with your lawyer about this.
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    For Hardon and other Gurus

    What visa did you start work on? Usually you cannot get your H1b visa approved until you I612 is approved, and, you can't start you waiver job until you get your H1b visa. So you need to provide some more information.
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    card production ordered, thanks hadron ,others

    Looks like TSC is the most efficient with NIW cases. NSC moves like a snail.
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    card production ordered, thanks hadron ,others

    Congratulations. What was your Priority date? What was Country of chargability and what service center was your case handled at?
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    Got the green card finally!

    Congratulations!!! Happy for you. I'm hoping for the best. I now have 3 yrs old 485s, have sent in my 5yr NIW completions documents last summer and was fingerprinted for the 3rd time earlier this week. My PD is also current as of next month. So hoping for the best this summer!