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    I140 RFE - 3 years degree

    EB3 Professional is someone with 4 year Bachelor (or equivalent). EB3- Skilled Worker is a job that requires 2 years experience only. in case of skilled Worker, 3 year education does not matter. This whole thing is on Labor cert language. if labor cert job requires clearly 2 years of...
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    H1B Extensions at NSC: Lets track them

    filed in July 2007 i did file in end of July 2007 but have not any status on it yet. two service requests has been created so far by calling USCIS. 240 days are approaching next month end. Every time i did call USCIS they just said there is no issue and you should get a response within 60 days...
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    RFE on Geographical change for I-485

    where to file LCA what is the procedure to file LCA? if we file it, does it affect any of our pending I-140 or i-1485 applications? i mean is it just a notification like address chagne which you submit to USCIS or it is an application which you will file and USCIS will take days and days to...
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    RFE on Geographical change for I-485

    what is Approved LCA what is Approved LCA?
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    Change of work location

    I will be working in a different State for two months. I have I-129, I-140 , 485 , EAD pending. I only know that i need to file AR-11. Is change of work location can affect any of the pending applications? i have seen some people thread on this forum mentioning that they got RFE on 485 after...
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    GC Approved

    congratulations GCBY2010. would you please share some detail like when your I-140 was approved and still USCIS website shows your status as pending but actually you got your GC? see my signature for my case. not sure if any thing will get approved on my case soon. not sure what soft LUD...