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    Its My Turn..yahoooooooooooooooooooooooo

    Dear friends, Its a big relief!! Came to know that my GC is approved. It has been quite a long journey... I just dont have enough words to say!! Thanks to great contributors of this forum..I have been silent visitor but used to read every message/thread..I really appreciate Mr.sbctblc [ i...
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    Feb 2002 Filers

    Me too!! RD: FEB 12'2002 ND: MAR 07'2002 still waiting !!!
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    congrats Can u pls give the exact date of RD.. thanks madhu
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    3RD FP after 485 Granted

    I am in different boat!! My 485 is not yet approved [ as per AVM or online..or lawyer] Have done 2FP in Sep'03. Confirmed at FBI service center about the status of 2FP..they said its fine and has forwarded to bcis. But today got a mail for FingerPrint notice..issued on dec 3rd'03 ..its...
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    2ndFP done..when will BCIS update it ?

    Folks, I am sure this q might have come many times.. appreicate any inputs on this.. a) Feb RD 2002. b) fp1 may 13 2002 c) fp2 Sep 26 2003 BCIS site still not updated indicating 2nd fp is done..? Does this get updated ? after how long ? Any predictions when i could get my...
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    FEB Filer - 2nd FP notice - Need inputs

    Folks, Appreciate your inputs!. My RD:2/14/02 , ND:-03/08/02 FP1 5/13/02. I got FP2 notice today via mail. I did not receive FP2 notice for my wife. She has the same RD/ND/FP1 dates as mine. Any idea why this maybe so ? Should I wait before I go and get my FP2 done ? Should I...
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    Feb Filers

    Count me in RD Feb14 ND March 08 EAC 02 127 53*** FP1:- May 13 No news on FP2 or AD or RFE ??
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    VSC I485 Fiscal Yr 2002 - Progress Reports

    great job sbctsublc, thanks for doing this.. I keep eagerly waiting every week to get the scan results from really gives a complete picture of the progress. .. appreciate your effort.. Just a thought.. When you say "Done" includes approved, i would say "Done" should be combo...
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    Vsc 485 Case Status

    Thanks---keeping this thread alive sbctsublc Thanks for putting this together..Appreciate all the hard work. Folks, take a moment to go over the excellent data gathered by sbctsublc..each of these pdf files gives lot of sampling here but real scanned data from bcis...
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    Vsc 485 Case Status

    great work man sbctsublc thanks for the work.. folks,..please go through the excellent data provided by sbctsublc and others...see my thoughts on this data... would appreciate if we all analyse this valuable information and share our thoughts on it...we should utilize this data and...
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    VSC I485 Fiscal Yr 2002 - Progress Reports

    GReat work again sbctsublc and others.. excellent work..thanks folks.. looking at this are my thoughts.. a) VSC is touching lot of cases in a week...443 cases touched for only FEB/JAN ND..there can be other cases also. b)JanND---49% of cases touched ( includes...
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    Vsc 485 Case Status

    Here is the info on EAC0212753000-53999 sbctsublc Here is list scanned today 07/03/03. I will send you the email also..for compilation.. thanks OnlyGC EAC0212753004 Resumed 5/23/2002 Resumed/FP recvd EAC0212753015 Resumed 5/6/2002 Resumed/FP recvd EAC0212753016 Resumed...
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    Vsc 485 Case Status

    Trying to keep this thread alive sbctsublc thanks for your help. Any more update on this.. I Will send you the results on EAC02127 soon. I feel it may be too early to scan..but some Feb approvals have come..let me do it in couple of days and will send you via email. thanks OnlyGC...
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    Vsc 485 Case Status

    thank you sbctsublc Appreciate your efforts. Based on these numbers looks like there has been significant progress on JAN ND ( which can be late Dec RD and early Jan RD). I hope Feb comes sooner. OnlyGC 15FebRD'02
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    Scanning All 485 Cases possible !

    Keeping the thread alive Thanks folks for doing all these.