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    Sir, my name check..:)) Hilarious!

    :p:p Must read! Real phone conversation by someone i know with USCIS Rep.... All the calls are by same person....:p Call1: Sir, I applied for AOS in July'07, is my name check clear? Rep: Your name check cleared in Aug Call2 : Sir, is my name check clear? Rep: Your name check cleared in...
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    Switching from EAD to H-1, in case....

    If somebody has an existing EAD and H-1b, can one switch to the H-1b if he/she was working on the EAD and not on the H-1b. This is just in case there is a problem with the AOS. Unless the H-1b employer does not cancel/inform USCIS, is it posible to go back to work for the same employer having...
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    info needed

    If you call 911 3 times, you may get stuck in name check. You still have another chance to use, be careful after that....
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    How to expedite AP

    I saw somewhere on the can expedite an AP in life/death kind of cases. Please post details here.... Thanks
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    Newborn in family after 485 applied

    I hope not but it may be the other way round, when ur child is 18yrs he/she will notify USCIS that AOS is pending for parents:p:p
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    H-1b validity and I-485

    If an employee on H-1b leaves the employer before I485 pending for 180 days 1. Is the employer supposed to inform USCIS to cancel the H-1b right away or it can wait. If yes, how is that different from the employer informing USCIS to revoke I-140. 2. If the lawyer is not supposed to inform...
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    Working outside US while AOS pending

    Thanks for the note. I see 3 questions here 1. Did you inform USCIS about stays outside US. 2. R uo working outside US for the employer that filed your I-485 3. In case you do get a RFE any thoughts on how you may proceed on employment verification?
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    Working outside US while AOS pending

    Thanks for the comments. I think this case is slightly different from a AC21. I can probably make it a AC21 case if it is possible to get a letter for future employment from the employer's susbsidiary in the US suggesting I would be employed in the US once the GC is approved. I do have a...
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    Working outside US while AOS pending

    Lawyer's Comment Case: Working outside US while 1.AOS pending 2.Different employer other than I-485 filing employer Here is what the lawyer said 1. Consular processing CANNOT be used in case of employer change since with CP one has to furnish a letter of employment from the employer that...
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    Any comments?

    Would recommend reading your question again yourself and weighing what the odds of the answer will be with USCIS in the mix...:p:p
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    Working outside US while AOS pending

    Thanks for the comments. I will try and check with an established attorney and post on this link for use by other people.
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    Working outside US while AOS pending

    Is there a clarification on working outside the US while 485 is pending. The work will be for not the company filing the AOS/I-485 Does USCIS allow processing of the GC while being outside the country. Given 800K applications, it may take anywwhere beween 5-10 years of wait till the GC gets...
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    Lets forget GC - 800K applications as per AILA

    The interesting piece would be how many visas USCIS wasted this year. Maybe they need to pull back unused numbers, similar to 2001....
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    Got EAD cards today. I'm a July 2nd '07 filer.

    You think I know anything...:p. I don't know why I am trying to get a 35% tax rate/green card for myself for EVER . Seems like a huge insurance premium. Let' see....
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    EAD and APPROVAL not received.

    Approval notice on EAD 23rd Aug. EAD receipt date 17th Sep. Just wait!