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    field I-485 about 3 years ago, currently with no visa, want to travel outside US

    You have to wait until I-131 (Advance Parole) get approved. You can use that document to re-enter US. You do not need any kind of visa once you file the I-485.
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    Experience with Murthy law firm

    Yes i agree for that. He handled my case and was very helpful.
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    Duplicate Birth Certificate - Chennai - Need Agent Details

    Ask any Local lawyer Pay him Rs200 to 500 It will be get done.
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    I-485 rejected

    Send the seperate Check for Filing fees and FP fee. They will not encash if it is not required.
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    Tax Returns filing as a citizen with K3 visa wife

    Does she has an EAD card? If not apply for EAD and you can apply for SSN once she gets her EAD. Fill out the I-765 request for work authorization under category (a)(9), K3 non-immigrant spouse. You will need to wait until you actually receive the EAD before legally obtaining employment as well...
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    I want to request for cross-chargeability Need details

    If you have allready applied for I-485 Just Go to Local office talk to an IIO. Call the Customer Service rep and ask them.
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    Eb3 - Possible L1a-Eb1 - Any suggestions ?

    If you are managing a global team Just try EB2 here only. So that you need not go out of US. AUg-2003 is current now
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    Family based/Employer based AOS - post-interview experience; need suggestions.

    Officer is Planly wrong. It does not matter what kind of AOS you are doing, H1B is still valid because it is dual intent visa. Even EAD is given the person who has one or more Pending I-485. So there is no issues Like Family-based EAD or Employment based EAD. It is just a EAD.
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    N-400 might be denied,need more proofs!!!

    You can ask your Church to provide some kind bonafied letter. Get a letter from his parents as well as your parents saying you both are married and living togther. Recent pictures of outings together Bank accounts need not be joint accounts but indivisual accounts with same address can...
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    Am I eligible to file I-485 under LIFE Act

    What do you mean by filed the petition for my green card? Is it went through the I-140 Stage?
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    Why did you apply for Citizenship. Top 3 reasons please !!

    Main Reason I applied was No hassels. No time limit on travelling. No visa to many countries. Apart From that If I want to move back to my home Country India it is easy. If I stay for five years in India I can get back my Citizenship of India.
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    Consular Processing Vs Adjustment of Status

    If they are not coming for two more years then just apply I-130 here. Decide CP or AOS later. But there might be problem with vistor visa.
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    change underlying 140 to fulltime employer or NO?

    Does interfiling requires PD to be current?
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    filed I485 thru job and I130 approved filing another I485

    I-864 instructions state that So basically you cannot file affidavit support for your self. What you can do is you have co-signer who might be your any other relative.
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    N400 Timeline: Houston, TEXAS

    For me they said no when I went at 8AM. They have slabs like 8AM-10AM, 10AM-12AM. If you at the begining of the slab like 8AM they may say no. Go at around 9AM by that counter will be free. So they may take it.