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    Did anybody renew EAD recently in Cincinatti OH

    EAD\'s at Cincinnati They do not accept walkin\'s nowadays. But, i think you can still apply by mail(to cincinnati) and then they will(may?) call you to come in on a particular date. Check the web site for the cincinnati office at
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    485 Approved NSC ND 3/8/00

    No Title thanks for correcting me :>
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    485 Approved NSC ND 3/8/00

    No Title Whether or not INS logs how many times we called should not matter. The basic idea behind calling less frequently/to whenever necessary is to keep them from getting bugged. They would be less inclined to do a better job if people are constantly bugging them and getting angry(some...
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    FP received ND 12/05/00 RD 11/24/00 EB2 NSC 140 Marked CP

    Received just now. Scheduled for 04/05/01 3 forms ( FP, Yellow and Green ) for both spouse and myself Location: columbus, ohio Labor Regular EB2, 140 marked CP sent to chennai, filed 485 (6 months after 140 approval) ------------------------------------------------- What do I do with...
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    Detroiter, please post your FP Notice date

    No Title For a relative of mine.... St Clair Shores, I485 RD July End, ND Aug 25, PD 96, FP scheduled 4/17/01. Received last friday.
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    FPs for I140 Marked CP and doing AOS

    No Title got the FP\'s today!!! Check my otherpost for info.
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    FPs for I140 Marked CP and doing AOS

    No Title Or it could be that they haven\'t gotten the 485 packet joined to the original files at this stage. I also received the Packet III. Lets hope its not going to be a long wait...
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    FPs for I140 Marked CP and doing AOS

    No Title thanks for the info!!!
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    FPs for I140 Marked CP and doing AOS

    I see that FP\'s are coming for people applied in Jan 2001. Did anyone whos 140 marked for CP and hence the file sent to the consulate receive their FP notices say with RD\'s after Aug 00 ? My RD is Nov 24th. Just checking to see if INS has to have the file in hand (back from consulate)...
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    If GC is rejected at Consulate for some reason ?

    No Title I think the only way you can come back to US in case of problems while doing CP at the consulate is they you need additional documents that are present in the US. If you applic is rejected for any other reason like fraud, you can never come back to US. I am not sure about what...
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    Local Transfer

    My Case has been transferred to the Cleveland office rather than Columbus office on the 20th. My Attorney has indicated that it would be a couple of months before they send me an interview notice. Will keep you updated on the progress... -NSC126. ND 12/05/00 RD 11/25/00 FP 04/05/01 NO...
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    Not that many browsing this Forum!? There was only one posting yesterday. No posting today so far. D

    ND 12/04/2000 EB2 NON-RIR, 140 marked CP Same here. Heard from my lawyer that an officer is working on the case about 1.5 months back. Nothing yet...
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    DV crtiteria: Is it birth place based or nationality

    No Title Yes, you can file for DV by asking to be charged to your/spouces country of birth. Basically you will claim the nativity of the country you were physically born.