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    OCI for us born kids...

    Yes, PIO is no longer offered, so OCI is your only option.
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    Indian Passport Reissue in San Francisco

    I recently got my mom's Indian passport renewed in CKGS San Francisco and would like to share the experience. I sent out the application 10 days before passport expiry date. Expiring passport was issued in India. It took exactly 10 days door to door. I chose to pay for the Fedex courier both...
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    Port of Entry Questions

    Expiration date of visa is NOT the defining date for stay in US, it is only specified the date range in which a visa holder shows up at a US immigration port to seek admission. Your mom is allowed to stay in US until Sept 2014. No questions asked. When she leaves, there is no stamp in her...
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    Port of Entry Questions

    For your own records you might want to do so. US immigration no longer issues paper I-94's.
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    Port of Entry Questions

    Most likely she is admitted until Sept 2014. Six months duration of stay is granted under most circumstances. Expiration date of visa has nothing to do with duration of admission. You can check online to verify:
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    revoking sponsorship of a green card

    You cannot revoke sponsorship. You are on the hook for sponsoring the immigrant until : 1) The immigrant becomes US citizen; 2) the immigrant leaves US and abandons permanent residence; or 3) The immigrant dies.
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    Joint ownership vs individual ownership for real estate in India

    It is not clear from your post that your mother is a US resident. If she is a US resident, she has to report it to IRS if her worldwide income is above the IRS threshold for reporting. She does not have to file an Indian tax return since she is not an Indian resident.
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    Joint ownership vs individual ownership for real estate in India

    OCI card is not necessary, you are considered Person of Indian Origin with or without OCI or PIO card. But to make your life easier in India you should get OCI or PIO card. Any rental income will have to be reported to IRS. If you are the only owner, you report the full rental income. If you...
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    I-94 expires in a month and I decided to file I-130 and I 485 concurrently.

    Once your dad's I-485 has been properly filed and acknowledged, he will be considered in status even if his I-94 expires. Make sure that you have all supporting documentation available with the applications (birth certificate - yours and your dad's, your dad's marriage certificate, etc.) Youd...
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    Should I have renewed GC before my 16th birthday?

    Were you fingerprinted for your green card and does your green card have an image of your fingerprints? If yes, there is no need to renew it.
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    Endorsement of PIO

    Just carry both US passports and the PIO card.
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    Intending immigrant family sponsorship

    When did you file the sibling petition? There is a waiting period of several years (more than 12 years) before they can immigrate. You need to worry about income an dfinancial support when their priority dates become current, which will be 12+ years after filing their petitions. USC...
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    Tourist visa question

    What is written on visa form is not used to determine visitor's length of stay. The visitor is typically asked about their intentions and stay is normally given for the desired duration.
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    Tourist visa question

    Visa is issued for the duration she can seek entry into US. Length of stay is determined upon entry and has nothing to do with visa validity period. Usually for family visits 6 months stay is granted.
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    N400 - What Should I Send?

    N-400 Green card copy Check for fees G-1145