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    2005 Consolidated Tracker (140/EAD/AP/FP/485)

    congrats.............i remember you from2005... glad to hear your gc journey ended happily.. amit
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    My I485 got approved today

    Hi va_lc_case: usually, i would allow upto 3 weeks for you to get the physical card in the mail. in my case, it as follows: week 1 tuesday: welcome e-mail Week 2: tuesday: card production ordered e-mail week 3: tuesday: card mailed e-mail. all the best
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    EB2 -PD Current--in April 2008

    Any luck with your case! I am sorry to hear about your case. See if your lawyer can get your case transferred from VSC to TSC.....or try some senators etc..if you are in NJ..try local congressmen...and they were helpful - atleast in my case. Keep me posted... Wishing you
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    My I485 got approved today

    Hi....thanks for the update. Glad to know that you were able to get your passport stamped. I finally received my cards yesterday. You see the details in my signature. Since approval of I 485 on 4/23/08, it took me 2 weeks to get the physical card in the mail. Thanks!
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    My I485 got approved today

    Hi i got card production ordered e-mails yesterday and again this morning. I think, there is some inconsistency as to what is sent out etc. Keep me posted on ur case.
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    Status adjusted

    congrats man!!!! We have all traveled this long road together and finished our journey in near about the same time frame. All the best! BTW: Did you receive card production e-mail or the welcome e-mail or both. thanks!
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    My I485 got approved today

    when was ur approval done and when did you receive the approval notice in the mail. i just received the approval notice today but no card production e-mail yet.. thanks
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    My I485 got approved today

    I believe one can contact them if it has been more than 30 days since receipt of the approval notice. When was ur I 485 approved?
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    My I485 got approved today

    Only e-mail I have received is the Welcome e-mail and so has my wife. I have not received the approval notice in the mail either. Hopefully, it should be here in the next few days... have you recd yours?
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    MY I-485 approved

    congratulations!!! Best of luck to all on this forum! Nj_skm your up next for sure...
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    My I-485 approved today

    congrats! All the best!
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    My I485 got approved today

    Dear All: Finally I got my I 485 approval e-mail! Details are in my signature. Thanks for everyone in this forum, in providing insight into this crazy process! I assume, I will get my card production ordered e-mail hopefully within the next few days. I have received the e-mail...
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    Spoke to TSC today

    Hi nj_skm: same here my friend. remember you from the VSC days. Keep me posted, if you hear appears that we were both transferred to TSC [/I]
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    Yes! Yes! Yes! NC memo works!

    Hi LB: Hope all is well...did you get current for 4/08? We guys have been waiting way too appears we will be current 4/08, lets hope it sticks..till our files are approved.... keep in touch