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    Stay in US after H1B approved

    Willl my COS be approved? Hi, Am in the same dilemma. My OPT expires in July but am yet to get any sponsorship. Am a MSc degree holder in the sciences. Could you please tell me about the kaplan course you are taking and how to get intouch with them. I went to their website but couldn't get any...
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    H1B sponsored companies in NJ

    HI, AM F1 on OPT, have a MSc in the sciences, got both BSc and MSc in the States. OPT to expired in 4months excluding grace period. It's been hard to find an employer that sponsors for H1B. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    Process of GC from H4

    My understanding was her friend's name was included in the intital application that was filed for him to adjust his status. It seems that wasn't the case, which means that she will have to wait until her husband get approved before he can file for her. Been on PR, it takes longer to get a visa...
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    Form 1-864A

    I-864A is an affidavit of support form that compliments I-864. I-864A should only be filed if the petitioner doesn't meet or exceed the poverty guidelines. Your hubby should complete I-864 and your BIL whom you say is the co-sponsor should complete form I-864A. You need this form as long as...
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    Process of GC from H4

    Yes she will get the green card as long as her name was written on the initial application that was filed by her husband's employer and all documents was sent in that establish their relationship (marriage certificate).
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    Been waiting 2 1/2 years for removal of condition - help please!

    You have not been mistreated by BCIS from my understanding. When you file to remove condition from your green card, you have to established with supporting documents that within the two years you were still married to the petitioner. Documents like lease with both names, bills, etc. The reason...
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    3 quesitions on I-130 and G325A

    Thanks to ZHM for answering the question on status expiration date. I had that same question and forwarded it to you but never got a response. This Forum is awesome Thanks everybody
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    You will have to file I-765 inorder to get the EAD card. You can choose not to apply if your your H1b is still valid and you want to work for the same employer. if filing the documents concurrently (I-485, I-765, I-130, I-131, I-693, G325) then it has to be mailed to the chicago lockbox. The...
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    Special situation

    You can only gain residency through her citizenship when she becomes 18yrs old. She has to file for you, until then you will have to seek other avenues.
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    Where to file simultaneous I-130 and I-485?

    Concurrent filing The forms have to be filed at the chicago lockbox. I hope this helps.