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  • Thanks Nemu for the reply.

    I am thinking that first I will finish my PhD and during the time of Academic Training I will apply for the waiver.

    What is your thought on it??

    I have a feeling that my previous sponsor will not support my waiver and will give a negative view. On the other hand, my PhD research is aiming at fulfilling the goal of the sponsor: international cooperation and social justice issues (I am researching on Indian issues and field site is also in India). I have a strong argument that being here in the US and continuing my research (even after PhD) will help my country as well as international community. I am also engaged in teaching this subject in the university.
    [Ford Foundation is a private funding org but program of fellowship is being managed by the IIE, that’s why my case seems like Fulbright]

    Against this backdrop, what will happen if my sponsor gives negative view but my statement of reason is effective and very strong? Will the DOS consider my argument?

    Thanks for your postings, very helpful and informative.
    I came to the USA with Ford Foundation funding and did my MA then I have joined a PhD program in a different university. I am trying to understand- if I apply for 2 years HRR waiver based on the NOC, will USNIS/DOS seek sponsor view from the Ford Foundation or the Current University I am in?
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